The 3 Best Purpose-led Coaching Software Platforms for Purpose-driven Coaches

Coaches thrive on purpose. You create bleeding-edge courses, conduct powerful one-on-one and group sessions, and work diligently to guide your clients toward their innate purpose, wisdom, and values. So why would you settle for scaling your business or growing your team with coaching software that doesn’t reflect your love of the craft, the passion that moves your purpose-driven nature?

You want to use software that’s more than just code behind a screen. And sixty-two percent of people agree with you. They want to work with companies that have inspired values and are being real. 

Heck, 71 percent of people want to work with brands that are aligned with their specific values.

While what exactly motivates each of us as human beings can be nuanced and debatable, what’s not debatable, shares Mark Green, Accenture lead in his article on finding purpose to unlock inspirational growth, “is the performance of genuinely purpose-led organizations. Outperforming competitors on growth, profitability, customer and employee attraction and retention:
  • Stock price growth 100% greater than the S&P 500 over the past 20 years
  • Average annual revenue growth 2.7 greater vs. their sector peers
  • Innovation and transformation programs three times more successful
  • Consumers are four times more likely to trust and buy from them
  • Employees are four times more engaged at work”

You have plenty of coaching software to choose from. But not all allow you to grow a coaching team, transform your business model, and securely scale your coaching business on purpose. So today, let’s look at some of the best purpose-led, value-driven coaching platforms on the market. The companies behind these coaching software solutions go above and beyond simply providing software. They are driven by values that dictate everything from how they architect new software features to how they structure their solutions for purpose-driven coaching teams like yours.

What Makes  “Purpose-Led” Coaching Software?

Well, to get a purposeful software product, you have to start with a purpose-led company. And according to Mark from Accenture in the Australian Financial Times, “two core themes lie at the heart of Purpose-led growth — Clarity and Conviction.”

He goes on to say, “purpose is an organization’s clear, compelling reason why they exist. The meaningful value they provide customers, employees, stakeholders, and society."

“Purpose is an organization’s clear, compelling reason why they exist. The meaningful value they provide customers, employees, stakeholders, and society."

"It isn’t easy for purpose to successfully lead organization-wide transformation. Developing a purpose campaign is easy(ish). And it’s where purpose often falls down. Because it’s not aligned with your organization’s technology, operations, and experience.”

And the EY Beacon Institute, sees purpose as an organization's aspirational, human-first reason for being. “Purpose” is not at all about profit. Instead, purpose is a servant to your stakeholders, including owners and shareholders, customers, employees, society, and the environment. 

Purpose-led software for coaching is inked on purpose by companies committed to a vision based firmly in shared belief. Every feature, update, and lever of communication is driven by this shared belief in the vision.

Many companies have value statements. Most companies have “corporate values.” But purpose goes deeper. Purpose-led coaching software companies share the following core tenets:

  • Fostering an inspired workforce
  • Led by an authentic mission or vision
  • Cultivating teams that are driven by shared values, not profits
  • Using purpose as a decision-making filter from top-to-bottom
  • Defining values that motivate team members from the inside out
  • A drive toward continuous learning and improvement
  • A wealth of “value champions” and brand evangelists
  • A clear alignment between their software products, their organization’s technology, operations, and experience.

In other words: purpose-led software for coaching is inked on purpose by companies committed to a vision based firmly in shared belief. Every feature, update, and lever of communication is driven by this shared belief in the vision.

A Word on the Importance of Purpose-Led Software

Yes, purpose-led software connects users to important values. And, yes, most purpose-led software solutions are well-built and catered towards specific user needs. But let's dig a little deeper.

Under the surface, that purpose-led nature does more than just uphold values, it creates better overall solutions.

Organizations driven by a purpose bigger than profits outperform their rivals in the two most critical areas that make or break a business: employee engagement and customer loyalty. This leads to more intuitive software design, smarter product updates, and user-focused customer service.

Leading with purpose recession-proofs your organization: 

  • Companies with a social mission had a 63% higher chance of surviving the last recession than similar-sized companies. 
  • People want to work with organizations that positively impact them, society, and our planet. Purpose-led companies get better talent; and they utilize that talent more effectively.
  • Companies with a healthy culture and mission or vision see higher employee engagement, which leads to better overall solutions.
  • Purpose-led companies just have happier employees!  And a happier team means fewer sick days, higher productivity, and better overall growth. When your people are driven and happy, it shows.

Why You Need Purpose-led Coaching Software

As a founder or business owner growing your coaching team, it's your responsibility to help your clients and their teams get the best out of themselves. This means helping them discover and then actualize their purpose as leaders, managers or team members in an organization. 

But, how can you help clients achieve this if your coaching company hasn’t quite actualized being a purpose-led organization?

One of the best ways to achieve both purpose discovery and actualization is by using purpose-led software to enhance your capacity and ability to deliver services aligned with your beliefs (values) and mission (how you deliver on your vision).

Let’s explore some of the ways purpose-led coaching software online benefits both you and your clients as you grow your businesses and scale your teams:

1. Acknowledge where you need to integrate purpose into your organization

To put purpose into practice, shares Mark from Accenture, you have to get real about unifying it across your business — from your operations and the technology you use to the experience touching your clients, employees, services and product offerings, and distribution channels.

2. Identify what’s holding you back from unifying purpose in those areas

Can you be honest with yourself as the founder about what’s holding your business back from integrating purpose? Do you allow others to be honest with you about their experiences as team members? Customers? Vendors and partners? 

After acknowledging there is a problem, getting out of your own way is the best next step to actually integrating something new at scale. Make sure you identify how you might be getting in the way and own it. Or be real about how your team’s mindset (guided by its leads), ways of working, or operations might be holding you back from unifying your purpose.

3. Commit to clarity and conviction in integrating purpose

Now do something. Clearly communicate your mission in support of the overall vision. What are the shared beliefs that ladder up to that? Those convictions, or values, are the ‘how’ that makes the mission and overall vision real. 

Our beliefs and values drive our behaviors. If what’s in our heads isn’t aligned with what’s in our hearts — and the actions we’re taking with our teammates and in our business  — then we’re out of integrity. Be sure you’re giving yourself and your entire team the tools to be in integrity with your organizational purpose. 

Our 3 Best Purpose-led Coaching Software Companies

1. Profi

At Profi, we’re committed to helping you help others. Every new feature or improvement we roll out, every software update we make, and every new solution we’ve launched is driving us toward this purpose.

So, how are we unifying our beliefs and values into our purpose? Let’s start with what our beliefs and values are. We recently completed a six-month journey to clarifying our own beliefs and values as an organization. This is where we landed: pillars and values that guide their purpose-led coaching software for purpose-driven coaches's Pillars (the reasons to believe in our mission and values) and our revamped values — the beliefs that guide our team behaviors.

Our team agreed we wanted to:

  • Keep it simple
  • Think holistically
  • Drive meaningful results
  • Amplify connection
  • And expand expertise

So, our coaching software is built to deliver on these shared beliefs and values. In effect, we’re building a simple, powerful, holistic servicing experience connecting coaching teams and their clients to exponentially expand their expertise. 

Let’s walk through a few practical examples of how we’re integrating these values into our software product experience from our customers’ perspectives:

  1. Keep it simple – “essential, yet simple tool for managing coaching clients. It’s simple, the minimal interface is easy to navigate and has all the core features you need to support coaching clients in their journey.” — Dan R., small business CEO with 50 or fewer employees
  2. Think holistically – “Profi will transform the way consultants, course creators, and coaches grow their online business. It’s a complete solution.” — Jim G., small business President with 50 or fewer employees
  3. Drive meaningful results – check out the incredible outcomes our purpose-driven customer, Ikigai Consulting, has had with the Profi platform from their CMO. 
  4. Amplify connection – there are so many ways amplifies connection for our customers, check out a few connection points from our purpose-driven customer, UXL, Ltd.
  5. And expand expertise – check out how Profi helps our purpose-driven customer expand expertise with their marketplace of experts.

Beyond our end-to-end coaching software, we’re integrating our values across the business in the following ways:

It’s important to note that Profi isn’t just value-driven, we’re purpose-driven. You are our purpose. Everything we do, all of us here at Profi, is directly aimed at helping you help others so you can drive positive impact, revenue, and growth.

2. BetterUp

BetterUp connects businesses and employees to top-tier coaches based on their unique needs. To do this, BetterUp leverages a suite of technology — including matching algorithms, behavioral scientists, and (of course) coaches.

The BetterUp slogan is to “pioneer growth for the Whole Person™.” Every feature and update rallies around this goal of helping each individual employee find experienced help for their unique needs to foster growth, acceptance, and happiness.

Like Profi, BetterUp is value-driven. These values include:

  • Courage
  • Craftspersonship
  • Playfulness
  • Grit
  • Empathy
  • Zest

These values are both reflected in the service and technology, as well as the language and visuals they utilize.

This is a great example of coaching software that’s deeply aligned with its purpose. If you’re a coaching team or leader of a coaching business, this company is a shining example of how to build around purpose. You can see the About page on BetterUp’s website to get a feel for how all of these pieces connect.

3. Book Like A Boss (BLAB)

BLAB is an online booking platform that allows professionals across settings to create dynamic booking pages with built-in booking and payment features. Or, as BLAB puts it: we “help people around the world bossify their lives and businesses.”

The playfully-worded BLAB websites uncovers some deep truths about this business’s purpose. BLAB wants to deliver more bookings to bookings-based businesses. And they’re not shy about flexing their purpose. There is no IBM-era suit-and-tie verbiage on the BLAB website. It’s an honest, playful, and down-to-earth tone that fits their purpose and helps create a unique, fun, and snappy culture.

Of course, it’s not just the language. BLAB has great visual assets, and they’re not afraid to flex their branding on their website. But underneath the bright mustard yellow visuals, they have some very purpose-driven values, such as being human, doing the right thing, and keeping things simple from the start.

You can see the BLAB About page to learn more about their purpose and values.

Get a Purposeful Partner You Can Count On

As a founder looking to grow their coaching team, you need purpose-led solutions that do more than just help you grow; they help you achieve your mission. At Profi, we want you to do that too! 

Our purpose-led coaching software platform is aimed at helping you help others. Book a demo with one of our product coaches today to learn how Profi can help you deliver on your purpose-led mission, vision and values as a purpose-driven coaching business.

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