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Scaling your service business might be tomorrow’s challenge, or your dream and long-term vision. It’s also one of the top pain points that mean the difference between business growth and stagnation. 

And it happens to be the point at which around 20% of new businesses fail within year one, and 45% fail within year five

Enter the new: Profi Team — a unified, holistic service platform designed to scale with you as you scale your service team from two-plus team members (and well beyond).

We built our team solution with these four pillars in mind: 

  • Transparency,
  • Flexibility,
  • Personalization,
  • Results-driven.

Let’s explore how we built the first holistic solution flexible enough to scale with you and your growing team of coaches, trainers and consultants, whether you’re growing a team of full-timers or contractors.

Transparent: Build a Centralized Team of Professional Service Providers (profis) 

Building an effective, scalable service team from the ground up relies on transparency: both internally and externally, with your clients.

How does Profi Team build team-wide transparency into the only all-in-one service delivery platform?

  • You’ll operate from a single, cross-teammate service catalog and booking calendar 
  • Create co-hosted team services for your clients 
  • And at the end of the day, you’ll trace the team's booking and revenue totals by month across your service catalog to close the loop on overall performance.

Let's step through the key features that make Profi Team transparent and then show you how to create your first team in less than a minute!

Finally: a Single Team Service Catalog

Profi Team Service Catalog
Profi Team Services Catalog across service type, duration, delivery method, team member and price.

As a Profi Team Administrator, you have a 3,000-foot view into your entire service catalog and which team members are hosting each service.

  • Easily invite team members via a Team members page in your Settings.
  • Offer team-managed and co-hosted services such as individual sessions, group sessions, custom packages, courses and programs. 
  • Get a snapshot of your business catalog across service type, date, clients enrolled, duration, delivery method (video conferencing and group chat), which team members offer each service and pricing. 
  • Quickly copy a booking link to each Service landing page directly from your Service catalog to simplify and nurture your existing clients’ experience and capture prospective clients in your marketing campaigns.

View Your Entire Team’s Bookings via Profi Team Calendar

Profi Team Booking Calendar
A Profi Team Administrator gets a complete calendar view of their service team’s bookings.

Team Administrators can also see their entire team’s booking in both Calendar and List views. 

  • Manage new, incoming service requests from clients via Calendar notifications.
  • Hover over each service on the Calendar to get a quick glimpse of the service type, confirmation and payment status, session details and hosting service provider. 
  • Reschedule or cancel the service directly from the calendar view.
  • Sync your entire Profi Team Calendar with existing Google or Outlook calendars. 

Trace Team Payments

Trace Team Payments in your Profi Team Wallet
Team Payments gives admins a snapshot of their Wallet balances and an exportable transaction history.

Know what’s in your team Wallet, including your total and available balances. Then, scan a detailed transaction history by transaction date and time, service name and type, client, payment status and type/amount of transaction. Export a CSV file of your entire team’s transaction history with a click to parse and analyze your payment data.

Create Your Profi Team in 4 Steps and 1 Minute or Less!

4 steps and less than a minute to create your Profi Team
Just four clicks and less than a minute to create your first team in Profi.

Seriously, it takes less than a minute (and four simple steps) to create your first team in Profi

Depending on your team’s size, you can start adding new team members by email address one at a time or in multiples (copy and paste emails separated by a comma to speed it up!). Or, opt to add your team later and just give Team a spin.

Profi Tip: Our Team solution supports an unlimited number of team members on the same team, managed by a single team administrator.

Curious About Profi Team Costs?

Get Started With Profi Team

Already a solo user in Profi and want to try Profi Team right now? Log in and select the arrow to the right of your account name to create your first team. Then, follow these four simple steps to get going with Profi Team!

Or get a personalized walkthrough of the Profi Team with one of our Product Coaches so we can understand more about your unique business needs and use cases.

Flexible: Unlock Service Design, Delivery and Collaboration Across Your Team

Service design and service delivery get way more flexible when you empower your team to engage throughout the entire process. Profi Team helps you unlock your team’s strengths, identify effective collaborations to put on repeat, and zero in on engaging service formats that resonate most with your clients. As a team administrator, you can assign multiple service hosts who can co-manage clients and deliver services like individual and group sessions and courses and programs.

Choose and Edit Service Hosts and Co-Hosts to Customize Your Service Delivery Experience

Choose and Edit team service hosts to co-host and delivery services with | Profi Team
As a team owner, you choose service hosts from your team who are best-suited to deliver each service type.

Manage co-hosted services via the Hosts tab inside each service in your catalog. Team members you add to a service become service hosts and can each deliver the services you’ve assigned to them.

Personalized: Brand Your Team and Enable Clients to Choose Their Providers and Service Preferences

Profi Team Services landing page for group session with multiple coach hosts

With Profi Team Services, you’ll break down barriers between your clients and your service providers once and for all. Start with branding your team service pages, and then hand your clients the flexibility to schedule services across multiple team members (or hosts) they choose and who you define.

Brand Your Team Service Landing Pages

Present the most buttoned-up, professional team you can. Personalize branding options for your team in Team Settings including:

  • Team name and custom booking link,
  • Landing page description,
  • Team logo and icon.
Personalize your Profi Team branding in Team settings
Personalize your team’s look and feel by customizing branding and booking link settings.

Your Clients Can Personalize Their Experience

Clients get a more personalized booking experience that they can continue to customize as their needs and preferences evolve. From the Profi Team Service Landing Page, clients get a holistic view of your service offering, including the available team members they can book with. It doesn’t get any more personal than when clients can choose, book and pay for their preferred providers and co-hosted services themselves.

Profi Team Service Landing page with multiple available hosts to deliver your team's services
Client's get a personalized feel by service based on who is delivering it and when they're available.

Make client acquisition simple, personal and hands-on for your clients and hands-off for you. Your clients will go through a simple, stepped process to choose and schedule their service and select their preferred service host before allowing Profi to book the service and handle their payment.

Profi Team simple stepped booking process
Your clients choose their preferred providers from multi-hosted services you define as the Profi Team Administrator.

Results-Driven: Track Bookings & Revenue on Profi Team Dashboard

Profi Team Analytics Dashboard demystifies your monthly and annual revenue by service, including individual and group sessions, packages and courses and programs. See both pie charts and stacked bar chart views across your team’s service delivery.

Profi Team Dashboard breaks down service team revenue and count by service type and month in interactive pie and stacked bar charts.

Still Curious About Profi Team Costs?

Try Profi to See Teams for Yourself and Get Growing

If you’re already a solo user in Profi and want to try Profi Team right now, log in and select the arrow to the right of your account name to create your first team. Then, follow these four simple steps to get going with Profi Team!

Or get a personalized walkthrough of Profi Team with one of our Product Coaches so we can understand more about your unique business needs and use cases.



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