Podcast: A Holistic Approach To Entrepreneurship with Profi Founder & CEO Alina Trigubenko

It's easy to get tunnel vision in the SaaS tech world, focusing on the technology instead of the people the tech is meant for and the purpose it's meant to serve in our world. In this interview with SaaS start-up entrepreneur and CEO, Alina Trigubenko, we widen our view from that tunnel focus to a more holistic view of how tech can serve to amplify good rather than distract.

Podcast Highlights:

Tech is an Amplifier

The world is there, the beauty is there. The birds can see the world from this perspective. 

Technology is an amplifier. What else in the world do you want to amplify? We want to amplify the impact of professional service providers to:

1. Increase connectivity, and

2. Increase access to what people need.

The Client Experience

Especially when you're looking for professional help, you don't want to jump through the hoops of an incohesive client experience. You want to get to your coaching or therapy session, and you don't want to think about anything else.

Common Questions you may be Asking Yourself as a Coaching Client That Profi Aims to Solve:

1. Where is that resource material my coach sent me 6 months ago when I'm ready to utilize it?

2. How much did I actually spend on all of my sessions?

3. Where do I keep the links to all the different platforms where I can access evergreen content?

Holding all of these questions takes up your brainpower, energy and time.

As professional service providers like coaches, trainers, consultant and therapists, the part of our brain that gets activated when we're helping one another is completely different from the part that is activated to deliver a service across tools, technologies and data management.

Leading Teams Through Uncertainty

In times like we're living, but especially in wartimes, the energy you translate as confidence and transparency is key to leading your team through uncertainty.

When everything is uncertain: your team's livelihood, their finances, job security, it's very important to confidently show them that you have their back and we're in this together. We'll do everything we can to support you.


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