Get your Coaching Workflows Audited by a Product Coach Expert

Is your client journey feeling overly complex? Are your team processes in need of a revamp?
What if you could get an extra set of expert eyes on your workflows today? All we need is 45 minutes of your time, and you’ll leave with easy-to-implement improvements.

70+ workflows audited. Free for teams, no strings attached.





What You’ll Get (For Free):

45-min Workflow Diagnostic Session

We’ll review your existing workflows, identify inefficiencies and highlight blind spots you may not have noticed.

Workflows: Current & Enhanced

You’ll get access to the existing version of your workflow, as well as an enhanced one which we’ll co-create.

PDF with Resources & Recommendations

You’ll also get a document with very specific and easy-to-follow recommendations.

Jacob Hartson
Co-Founder at Birthify

I had the incredible opportunity to have a workflow session with Jess from Profi, and I must say it was an enlightening and clarifying experience. 

Profi's deep understanding of my needs and challenges was evident as they guided me through a well-structured and tailored process. We were able to make changes in the moment and collaborate to make a really solid product not only for our tech but to use in our pitch deck as well.
I wholeheartedly recommend Profi’s workflow session to anyone seeking to optimize their processes, gain clarity on their business, and take their systems to the next level.