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Why spend your valuable time on administrative tasks when you could be helping clients? Profi's health coaching software allows you to prioritize client care and gives you enhanced control over scheduling, client management, billing, and more.

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Why Profi’s Health & Wellness Coaching Software?

1. Centralize Your Appointments, Finally
with our Health Coaching Scheduling Software

Say hello to effortless management of your health coaching sessions. Schedule, get paid and connect with clients for 1:1, group, and recurring appointments.

Health Coach Calendar

Stay organized and easily manage all your client bookings with the intuitive calendar.

HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing

Offer clients to connect via Profi’s built-in secure video conferencing solution. Record and share recordings in 2 clicks.

Google & Outlook sync

Never miss an appointment again by syncing your external calendars.

Booking pages

Clients can easily book with you when you’re available, via your booking links.

Email & SMS reminders

Keep clients informed with email and optional SMS reminders.

Daron Larson Speaker, Teacher, Coach
Speaker, Teacher, Coach

I was just drowning in tools and things made no sense. With Profi, I finally have one source of truth. Additionally, I stopped losing money on the client no-shows, late cancelations, and overtime work.

2. Build and Sell Your Unique Packages and Programs
with Health Coaching Services Tools

Go beyond appointments to scale your health & wellness coaching business. Easily create and offer custom coaching services to clients.

Health Coach Recurring Packages

Offer a set of recurring health coaching sessions as a package, to simplify client scheduling and billing.

Health Coach Programs (Courses)

Build a unique health coaching path which includes videos, files, forms with questions, group chat and sessions.

Intake Health Forms

Securely collect health client information with our intake forms.


Get client e-signatures for your health coaching agreements right in Profi.


Receive one-time, subscription and installment plan payments.

Executive coach

I love that it's really designed for the needs of coaches and coaching organizations. From billing to scheduling to journals to e-courses (and so many more features) it has everything I need, and even a few things I didn't know I needed until I use them!

3. Offer a Unified Experience and Progress Tracking to Clients with Profi’s Health Coaching CRM Software

Provide a professional all-in-one branded experience to clients. Manage them all in one place as a team, track progress and help clients reach their goals.

Secure Messages, Notes, CRM

Organize client information, private and shared notes, and communication - all in one place.

Branded Client portal

Provide your clients with a portal where they can access all their coaching materials, schedule sessions, and more.

Health Coach Profiles

Display your expertise by creating a professional health coach profile.

Team collaboration

Collaborate with your team seamlessly within Profi's platform.

Reporting on Progress

Easily monitor your clients' progress, check their homework and more.

Profi’s Health Coach Software Includes

Corporate & Network Features for Organisations

More controls and permissions, more admin features and advanced reporting to help you scale your health coaching business to new heights.

Custom Domain

Enhance your brand presence by securing a custom domain for your Profi platform.

Private Directory of Health Coaches

Display a list of all health coach profiles on a single page, making it easy for clients to select their preferred coach.

Advanced Security & Reporting

Gain additional valuable insights with detailed reports and add more security layers to your platform instance.


Generate a consistent revenue stream by offering subscription access to your platform for coaches and clients.

Dedicated success manager

Get personalized support and guidance from your own dedicated success manager.

Michael Kearns
Founder at Innovation Experts

With Profi, we saved three years and $200 thousand dollars to be first-to-market with our first product during a global pandemic.

From Your First Sale to Full Scale, Profi's Health Coach Software Has You Covered

Starting from $79/mo per coach seat
For individual providers
All Features for Solo Coaches
25, 100 or Unlimited Clients
For a growing team
Everything in Team, plus
Unlimited Clients
Team Collaboration & Permissions
Centralized Reporting, Billing, Calendar, Client Management
For a scaling business
Everything in Corp, plus
Unlimited Clients
Team Collaboration & Permissions
Centralized Reporting, Billing, Calendar, Client Management
Custom Domain. Use Profi as your Website and Storefront
HIPAA Compliance, SSO
Personalized service. Dedicated Customer Success Partner.
For organizations with independent providers
Everything in Network, plus
Unlimited clients
Team Collaboration & Permissions
Centralized Reporting, Billing, Calendar, Client Management
Custom Domain. Use Profi as your Website and Storefront
HIPAA Compliance, SSO
Personalized service. Dedicated Customer Success Partner.
Monetize your Community via Coach Subscription and Revenue Sharing

Frequently Asked Health Coaching Software Questions

Is Profi a good fit for my health & wellness coaching business?

Yes! Health and wellness coaching is a great match with the Profi software platform. It's easy to use, has a great support team, and will help you to not only manage your current business, but also to grow it to the next level.

How exactly can I grow my business with Profi?

No matter what Profi plan you are joining today, you will always have the option to get to the next level once your business is ready for it. Our team will thoroughly guide you through the steps of changing plans and show you how you can benefit.

What types of health coaches would benefit the most from using Profi?

Profi is ideal for any type of health coach: Health Coaches, Holistic Health Coaches, Wellness Health Coaches, Primal/Paleo Health Coaches, Functional Nutrition Counselors. Our health and wellness coach tools can support the many types of professionals in these fields.

Why should I choose Profi instead of other tools?

Whether you are just starting your health business or are thinking of scaling what you have already built, it can become overwhelming to learn everything you need to know as a business owner. This includes website building, accounting tools, video conferencing, scheduling, etc.

You could end up using as many as 15 different tools, which you need to connect to each other. That alone is a highly stressful activity. Imagine how much time you will need to understand all of them and move efficiently between them without getting lost.

Profi saves you time and sanity by providing an all-in-one tool that allows you to keep everything in one place. Getting started with our health coaching software is easy, too! The Profi team is always here to help and create a roadmap for your success. Plus, we've got videos and other resources to support you in using our platform.

Focus on your clients and your passion. Profi will focus on the rest!

Last but not least, customer support can help you set up your account or migrate from another platform. At Profi, our team offers ongoing support, as well as Q&A webinars. Team & Corporate customers get a dedicated success person, who helps guide you through the implementation phase and beyond.

I’ve just received my Health Coach certificate. Is Profi good for me to start my business?

Absolutely! Profi's health coaching software Solo plan would be an ideal start for your new endeavor. Here are the steps you could follow:

  1. Sign up for a FREE Trial of our Solo plan
  2. Watch the video on the basic functions of the platform
  3. Add your first client
  4. Set up the service for your client (1-time session, a package or a program)
  5. Send an invite to the client
  6. Client makes the payment
  7. Hold your first online video session through Profi
  8. Withdraw your payment by connecting your Stripe or PayPal account
  9. Celebrate! Your business has taken off!

How much does this health coaching software cost?

Profi is free for 30 days. If you decide Profi is right for you after your free trial, you can choose a plan that suits your needs the best. Our least expensive plan starts at $49 a month.

Once your client base grows or you feel that you need more functionality, you can shift to other plans. The Profi team can guide you through the available options to get the best results for your business. For team management plans and corporate deals, book a call with our team.

I have a team of wellness coaches. How can Profi support my health coaching business?

Managing people is tough. You need to set goals and tasks for your wellness coaches, track their progress, and analyze performance. Profi can help you with all of that. Here is what you get with the Profi Team plan:

  • Collaborative workspace: share info about services delivery, easily work together with your wellness coach teammates.
  • Co-manage clients: assign teammates to your clients to share client info, notes, and progress.
  • Shared service delivery: assign team members to services to teach and sell courses together, run group client sessions, and more.
  • Centralized calendar and scheduling: view your entire team calendar and all client meetings at a glance.
  • Centralized billing: receive client payments generated by your health coaching team services to a centralized account and withdraw available balance to Stripe or Paypal at any time.⁤
  • Revenue & service delivery analytics: track revenue and services you've delivered to your clients on a monthly basis. Admins can additionally analyze performance per team member.
  • Roles and access permissions: Control your team members' access, permissions, and billing status.⁤
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Scale Your Health Coaching Business with Profi's End-to-End Platform

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