The Power of Pawsitivity: Meet Jessica Solis Martinez

Neuroscientists believe that the human brain contains roughly 86-100 billion neurons, which together form an Internet-like network that processes everything associated with who we are, what we know, how we feel and other aspects of our realities. This built-in, internal network of ours is so vast and complicated that science has proclaimed the brain to be the most complex object in the known universe. However, despite this complexity, research has been slowly chipping away at many of the brain’s mysteries. And one of the things we understand about the brain is that, among other things, it controls our thoughts.

That doesn’t mean that our bodies are mere vessels being governed by an autonomous brain that dictates our thoughts and moves. On the contrary! Our brains are part of our entire consciousness, where deep inside of ourselves we have the ability to control our thoughts, shape them and turn them into products of our choosing. 

As the Buddha intuitively reasoned, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

It’s safe to say that the Buddha knew a thing or two about thought. If history serves, to reach enlightenment, he spent an incredible 49 days in meditation under the bodhi tree. And in Buddhist thought, one can achieve Nirvana — the ultimate state of soteriological release — by pursuing positivity as a way of life. The Five Precepts of Buddhism support positive thinking and the benefits of positive energy.

Introducing Profi Product Coach Jessica Solis Martinez

At Profi, this way of thinking is central to how we operate. Our intent, purpose and how we view the world are all about the positive, which is the essence of our core values. And this serves as the cornerstone of our mission: helping you help others — coaches, trainers and consultants. So it only makes sense that Profi Product Coach Jessica Solis Martinez, our ambassador to client success, would be the embodiment of all of these things.  

When it comes to positivity, the Buddha would be proud of Jessica. Her gift for chasing away negativity is beyond masterful. The moment you meet Jessica, you can’t help but walk away with a smile on your face. Jessica’s positive attitude towards helping our pros (our customers and professional service providers) succeed goes beyond the feel-good moments. And it’s because she aligns so perfectly with Profi’s core values that she decided to join the team. 

“Profi’s mission was what really caught my eye,” explains Jessica, product coach at Profi. “Helping you help others is something I’m passionate about. I really enjoy helping people and my work at Profi enables me to do just that. I've worked with some amazing clients who are helping others reach their potential, and that’s extremely fulfilling.”  

When viewed through the lens of ancient wisdom, it’s easy to see why Jessica is overflowing with positivity. Our thoughts play a major role in our values and beliefs, which influence the quality of our personal relationships and how we view the world at large. Thoughts also affect our actions, which in turn influence whether or not we succeed — in our careers, relationships and life. And that’s exactly what Jessica does when she coaches clients on how they can maximize their impact with Profi’s all-in-one solution.     

“As a product coach, I get to help profis overcome some of the challenges keeping them from being as successful as they can be,” said Jessica. “I show them how they can help even more people by increasing operational efficiencies and scaling their businesses with Profi.”

Quote positivity Product Coach Jessica Solis Martinez | Profi Culture

 Caring is at the Heart of Jessica’s Positivity (er... Pawsitivity)

Although her career path has changed over the years, the Connecticut native has always had a passion for helping those that need it.  

“I was always that little girl who was bringing home animals or taking my parents to the shelter, trying to persuade them to adopt a new pet,” recalled Jessica. “And that passion for animals actually led me to pursue a degree in animal science from Penn State University.”

But it was her love for the sun that eventually led her to a career in business development. 

“I finished my degree in animal science and then moved to Los Angeles to chase the sun,” she added. “My plan was to work with animals once I got to Southern California, but then the reality of what it costs to live in L.A. hit. So I had to pivot and that’s how I ended up with a career in sales.” 

Jessica’s first job in sales was as at Cornerstone OnDemand, where she was a business development representative. However, she would soon be promoted to team lead, where she was able to put her natural abilities to work as an advisor, mentoring and coach to her staff. And as fate would have it, Profi’s Executive Chairman Adam Miller happens to be the man who founded Cornerstone OnDemand. He is also a successful social entrepreneur, investor and an amazing mentor to many. 

“Even though I am now technically in sales, it doesn’t mean I have to stop helping people,” said Jessica. “I might not be working with animals, but as a product coach I’m still being of service. And it’s that outlook that helps me stay positive and upbeat.”  

The Core Values that Jessica Holds Close  

One of the reasons we reflect on our core values so often at Profi is that they are central to everything we do. They are the glue that bonds our team with a shared sense of purpose, and they help steer our product towards achieving common goals and inform how we relate to our customers, partners and others. As such, our core values are an essential part of our company culture — and its corresponding set of guiding principles — and our intent has been to nurture them from the very beginning. This helps ensure that we maintain a clear view of our mission ahead.

As Roy E. Disney put it, “Your core values are the deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul.”    

Although the team at Profi unanimously agreed that she represents all our core values, the core values that Jessica holds closest are Trustworthy and Flexible. The full range of Profi’s core values includes: Inclusive, Responsible, Generous, Trustworthy, Holistic, Flexible, Professional, Macro-optimistic and Reliable.

“The core values that resonate with me are reliable and flexible,” shared Jessica. “Both help me to be the best person I can possibly be. People can count on me and I don’t let challenges stop me.” 

The core values that Jessica holds close are key to her caring nature and positive outlook. When you are caring for others — physically, emotionally or professionally — you have to be reliable. For trust to exist, people have to know that they can count on you. And you also have to be flexible, because anything can happen at any time. 

Quote values Product Coach Jessica Solis Martinez | Profi Culture

Positivity is Fuel for Cognitive Flexibility 

Speaking of flexibility, a recent study showed that positive emotion can enhance cognitive flexibility. And all of Jessica’s positivity has given her ample cognitive flexibility. She sums it up nicely with the following: 

“I have certain goals in life, but oftentimes I have to reevaluate how I am going to get there,” explained Jessica. “But I'm still gonna do it. Life throws things at you all the time. And if you let that stop you for too long, how are you ever going to reach your goals?”

A great example of this in action is the fact that Jessica still found a way to help animals, despite her career taking her day-to-day in a different direction. She not only fosters stray animals until they can find their forever homes, she also volunteers at a riding center where kids with autism receive therapy by riding horses. And, in her spare time, she is training her recently adopted Golden Retriever to become a therapy dog.

“Once he is a year old, we're going to work on getting him certified as a therapy dog,” said Jessica. “Then I’ll be able to take him to hospitals, senior centers or schools to help bring joy, calm and happiness to people.”

Whether it’s helping pros maximize their impact, caring for animals in need or helping a fellow human to have a better day, Jessica is a light in the darkness. Her pawsitivity is contagious and inspires those around her to do more. She’s a great example to follow, if a little more pawsitivity is what you need.

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