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The story begins in 2018 when we saw a huge need for matching people who were seeking mental health help with those who could provide it.
At that time, there was no marketplace to connect the two sides. Fortunately, now we have one with hundreds of health and wellness providers who share their guidance with clients.


As the marketplace grew, we started getting daily requests from providers asking for tools to organize their practice and service delivery.

In 2019-2020, with such a huge demand, our focus was laser targeted on building out the solutions our users needed the most in one place: scheduling, video conferencing, programs, and more.

Not only mental health practitioners, therapists and coaches of all types, but also consultants, trainers, accountants, lawyers started discovering awarenow’s potential for their businesses.


In 2021, it was a natural move for us to change the brand name from awarenow to Profi

We now proudly call our providers ‘profis’ (short for ‘professionals’). The things that profis like the most about our platform is that it’s all-in-one, very easy and pleasant to use.

And we’re committed to continue providing our profis with all the tools they need to take care of others and grow their business.

Who is building Profi

We have amazingly talented people on our distributed team board. Most of them are profis too.

Psychotherapists like Suren,
Member of the Management Board of the company
Consultants like Suren Avunjian,
Board member

Suren previously built the most innovative clinical ERP servicing 100+ medical labs helping to process tens of millions of patients for COVID-19 testing. He knows best how profis in healthcare benefit from Profi’s tool set.

Coaches like Alina Trigubenko, our
Founder & CEO
Coaches like Alina Trigubenko, our
Founder & CEO

Business developer at heart, Alina is all about bringing the right people together to turn the most ambitious ideas and projects into reality.

Trainers like Adam Miller,
Executive Chairman
Trainers like Adam Miller,
Executive Chairman

Adam previously built Cornerstone, an employee training company that helps hundreds of millions of people realize their potential. Profi is his ‘next venture bound for success.’

Map for professional service providers
Employees of success
Employees of Profi success
Employees of Profi VP of engineering
VP of Engineering
Employees of Profi lead developer
Employees of Profi accountant
Employees of Profi lead developer
Employees of Profi designer
Employees of Profi marketing
Employees of Profi COO
Head of Growth
Employees of Profi CTO

Build Profi with us

Our core principle has always been to listen carefully to our profis and their clients. We talk to our users every day to make sure we know all about their daily professional challenges. Combine that with our super talented team and you have a solution like Profi that solves problems in a unique way, holistically. With such a recipe, the sky is the limit for Profi and our profis’ business growth potential.

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