Optimize Training Business Productivity With an Exceptional Training Management Platform

Profi is an all-in-one Training Management Platform for Independent Trainers, Training Departments and Agencies
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Trusted by solo trainers, teams and large training organizations

Profi is used by individual trainers, teams and large coaching organizations in the company brillianto
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Profi is used by individual trainers, teams and large coaching organizations in the company LigiLab

Training Management Software Trusted by Solopreneurs, Teams and Large Training Organizations

Paul uses Profi’s training management software to teach storytelling techniques to thousands of his students through interactive online courses, live sessions and workshops. It’s all possible through our intuitive and comprehensive training management platform.

Deliver Truly Interactive Online Trainings

Creating professional-quality courses and landing pages has never been easier. Our training management system makes it easy to integrate hybrid and blended learning into your learner’s experience with:

  • Interactive video classroom sessions.
  • Live, 1:1 individual coaching or one-to-many group coaching session modules.
  • Chat.
  • Invite guest instructors as module hosts.

The end result: Drive even more positive client engagement, grow revenue, and scale your business’s impact on the bottom line and number of people you can educate with less effort.

Interactive online training with Profi
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Video training platform
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Training sessions, packages and memberships with Profi

Offer Training Sessions, Packages and Memberships With our Comprehensive Training Management Solution

Grow beyond “just courses” with our corporate training platform. Easily fill your calendar with 1:1 and group sessions. Package up your services and products in new and innovative ways unique to your service offering and client needs. Turn knowledge into automated, dripped online training course content that trains your clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (even while you’re on vacation).

Schedule and run therapy sessions | Profi
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Video training sessions
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Streamline Training Course Progress Tracking, Billing and Payments

Manage all your learners and track their progress in one place. It’s easy when you use our training management software. Offer them flexible payment plans, packages and subscriptions you can customize to automatically collect payments. Report on the key data points of your training courses and programs as a Corporate or Network plan user.

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Test quizzes
for progress tracking
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Streamline progress tracking, billing and payments with ProfiConveniently track customer billing, reporting and progress
Daron Larson Speaker, Teacher, Coach
Speaker, Teacher, Coach

I was just drowning in tools and things made no sense. With Profi, I finally have one source of truth. Additionally, I stopped losing money on the client no-shows, late cancelations, and overtime work.

Petros Martirosian Success Director at LigoLab
Success Director at LigoLab

Successful implementation training and consulting is key to our accounts' activation and success and we take so much pain off of our support and implementation teams by switching from many (I believe we used 19 tools before, which was a nightmare) tools to a well-designed and thought-out Profi platform.

Ruby V Digital Marketer, Trainer
Digital Marketer, Trainer

Profi is an all-in-one platform that supports both synchronous (live) sessions and asynchronous learning. We used to have different environments, which are Zoom Meeting and a Learning Management System in WordPress. Now we can combine them in one single environment with a nice, simple, and modern UI.

Paul Jenkins Storytelling Teacher, Film Director
Storytelling Teacher, Film Director

I do feel confident about bringing a segment of my 38,000 students audience into Profi to offer them an experience that's very reliable and a pleasure to use.

Profi’s Training Management System Scales With Your Training Team and Organization

For individual providers
Free 30-day trial,
no credit card required
Convert Prospects: Digital Business Card, Landing Pages, Booking Link
Manage Clients: Calendar, CRM, 
Notes, Forms, Secure Client Portals
Deliver Services: Programs, Packages, 1:1 & Cohorts, Hybrid & Async Learning
Follow the Money: Billing & Payments, Reporting
For a growing team
per team seat
Everything in Solo, plus
Collaborate: Co-manage Clients, 
Co-host Services Delivery
Administer: Centralized Calendar
and Billing, Reporting & Analytics
Roles & Access Permissions: Control Team Member Access
For a scaling business
per team seat
Everything in Team, plus
Customize Look & Feel: Storefront, 
Branding & Domain Controls
Configure Setup: Private Directory & Notifications
Enhance Operations: Advanced Configurability, Analytics & Security
For organizations with independent providers
Custom pricing
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Everything in Corp, plus
Subscription-based Platform Access: Monetize Your Network via Memberships and Subscriptions
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A Training Management Platform Adds More Interactivity for Your Learner and Efficiency to Your Business

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