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Lose the disconnected tools and wasted admin hours. Securely set up your entire business in minutes and earn more doing the work you love from a unified virtual workspace.
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All features included, up to unlimited clients, custom branding.
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  • Manage Clients
    • Calendar & Scheduling (Outlook, Google sync)
      Platform support
      Easily manage your schedule and invite clients to your sessions and events, or let them book with you at the times when you're available.
    • 1:1 & Group Video Calls (Profi, Zoom)
      Platform support
      Connect with clients through Profi's built-in, secure (HIPAA-compliant) video conferencing or use our Zoom integration. If you use Profi video calls, you can additionally take private notes during client sessions and all messages will be instantly stored as part of the entire conversation history.
    • Notes, Forms & eSignatures
      Platform support
      Create notes, collect form submissions and signatures from clients.
    • CRM
      Platform support
      Easily add and manage all clients in one place. Coming soon: client filters, group actions, full activity history, funnel view.
    • Secure Client Portals
      Platform support
      Your clients get their own portal (branded with your logo) where they can see all upcoming sessions, book new ones, access all your content, message and connect with you via video.
  • Convert Prospects
    • Digital Business Card
      Platform support
      Create a professional looking profile showcasing your unique expertise, attracting your ideal prospects and converting them to clients.
    • Landing Pages
      Platform support
      No need to spend extra time crafting landing pages or an entire website from scratch. Profi will automatically generate a public page for each of your services (sessions, packages, programs) which you can easily share with clients to book.
    • Booking Link
      Platform support
      Get a universal booking link which includes all your public services (sessions, packages, programs) in one place allowing clients to select how they’d like to work with you and book with you in just a few clicks.
    • Custom Branding
      Platform support
      Your logo will be seen on your profile, booking widget, your client's portal, as well as automatic email alerts. Additionally, starting from the Corporate plan, you can customize the whole platform look and feel for a complete on-brand experience.
  • Follow the Money
    • Billing (Stripe, Paypal)
      Platform support
      Withdraw available balance to your Stripe or Paypal accounts at any time.
    • Reporting
      Platform support
      Get a breakdown of all your sessions, programs, transactions and other important activity with detailed reports. Easily filter your data, download for further analysis and make data-informed decisions.
  • Deliver Services
    • Courses & Programs
      Platform support
      Create & sell a simple self-paced course, a personalized journey for a specific client, or a comprehensive program which includes video & reading content, 1:1 and group sessions, and forms with questions.
    • Packages
      Platform support
      Easily offer a set of sessions as a package to clients and auto-charge them based on a payment plan or even a monthly subscription. No more chasing clients over unpaid invoices!
    • 1:1 & Cohorts
      Platform support
      Deliver your unique services & content to a single client or a large group which can enroll at any time or as part of a cohort.
    • Hybrid & Async Learning
      Platform support
      Profi adjusts to your unique way of delivering your services. Connect with clients for live video conferencing, phone call or in-person sessions and via in-platform messaging, automatically get answers to your questions from them on a recurring basis, or provide a way for them to progress at their own pace.

Helping you help others

Organize bookings end-to-end
Organize bookings end-to-end

Easily schedule and run video sessions with clients.

Deliver truly interactive online trainings
Deliver interactive learning experiences

Create and sell courses with interactive sessions and group discussions.

Client portal
Clients get their own portal to book sessions with you and access all of your content.
Client portal

Your clients get their own portal to book sessions with you and access all of your content.

Set up flexible billing
Charge one-time or subscriptions fees, and receive payments automatically.
Set up flexible billing

Charge one-time or subscription fees and automatically receive payments.

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