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Streamline and grow your coaching business with Profi. It’s an easy-to-use online coaching platform for executive, life, health and other coaching organizations and your clients.

Admins: Remove
the admin burden

Forget about spending days on manually gathering reports, asking coaches to manually submit their numbers, and pouring data from one system to another. Eliminate all your manual work by centralizing and automating processes for yourself, your coaches and clients. Get rid of the admin burden, make the organization run more efficiently and enable scale with a strategic coaching platform partner.

  • Cut time spent on manual admin tasks with automation

  • See the complete picture and all client engagements in one platform

  • Expand your service offerings, unlock new revenue streams

Coaching Platform for Admins

Get visibility and control you need to effectively manage your team of coaches, client engagements and be on top of your business with accurate real-time reports.

Set Up Coaching Programs & Packages

Create standardized coaching programs, curriculums, and packages your coaches can use to work with clients.

Pull Accurate Reports in Seconds

No more manual data gathering. Get real-time access to filterable attendance, payment and other data you need.

Manage Access to Clients & Shared Notes

Assign coaches to specific clients, and provide or restrict access to notes.

Track Coach Capacity and Clients Progress

Estimate coach capacity and view client progress online, at any time.

Receive Client Payments, Set up Memberships

Collect and track payments right in Profi. Auto-charge subscription clients.

Advanced Coaching Software Capabilities for Admins


With Profi’s Corporate and Network plans expand your offerings, unlock new use cases and revenue streams to scale your online coaching business.

Use Profi as Your Website & Storefront

Showcase all coach profiles and coaching programs you’re offering in one place for prospective clients to explore & book.

Facilitate Client<>Coach Matching

Let clients access your own marketplace and select a coach, or suggest options based on intake form responses.

Automate Onboarding for Coaches & Clients

Streamline coach and client onboarding with easy-to-follow steps.

Streamline Coach 
Training & Practicums

Enroll new coaches into your training programs and manage practicums.

Charge for Coach Access and Auto-Share Revenue

Unlock a new revenue stream by monetizing your Network with Profi.

Custom Domain

Create a professional on-brand experience by connecting your Profi coaching platform to your custom domain.

HIPAA Compliant & Secure

Ensure your data is secure with HIPAA compliance, SSO and other advanced privacy & security features.

Coaches: Everything you need to work with clients in one place

No more working with clients through five different tools and allowing things to fall through the cracks. A unified yet easy-to-use online coaching platform provides you with the tools and automation you need to focus on helping your clients, without getting in the way.

  • Focus on coaching clients, not managing a myriad of tools

  • Eliminate manual work andhave a peace of mind

  • Get paid effortlessly, by clients or admins

Software for Coaches

A single easy-to-use portal to coach your executive, leadership, health & wellness clients. Create, sell and deliver all your coaching services in one place.

Schedule 1:1 & Group Sessions

Organize all your bookings in one Profi Calendar, sync it with Google/Outlook calendars, and receive session reminders.

Built-in Video Calls & Recordings

Conduct unlimited video coaching sessions right in Profi. Record and share recordings with clients in two clicks.

Take Notes & Share with Clients and Admins

Take private notes during or between sessions, and share when needed.

Manage Clients, Chat and Track Progress

Manage client info, tags, notes, progress and chat with clients.

Build, Sell & Deliver Courses and Programs

Create and sell session packages, courses, and signature programs.

Michael Kearns
Adult Sleep Coach

As a coach, I have been looking for a platform that can help me keep all or most of my coaching process in one place. And Profi is the closest tool I've found by far. It helps me with everything from scheduling sessions to managing client information, from providing clients with intake forms to hosting video calls.

Your Clients: Enjoy a simple professional experience

Instead of asking clients to use a myriad of different tools to work with you, provide them with one simple and secure portal. A professional and intuitive coaching platform becomes one of your differentiators helping you win new corporate and individual clients, increases renewal, satisfaction rates, and upsells.

  • Provide a simple on-brand portal for your clients, on web and mobile.

  • Improve client experience. Increase  satisfaction, renewals, upsells.

  • Increase conversions. Win new corporate & individual clients.

Coaching Portal for Clients

One intuitive portal where clients can engage with you, access shared resources, schedule coaching sessions, track progress, pay and auto-renew.

Convert Prospects into Clients

Utilize embeded booking links, landing pages and storefronts to let prospects explore and book your public offerings.

Streamline Client Onboarding

Eliminate the need to onboard each new client manually by having them complete simple account setup steps.

Clients can Schedule, Sign, Pay, Chat & More

A dedicated portal provides clients with essential tools to engage with you.

Clients Get Notified (Email & SMS)

Sessions reminders, unread messages, new lessons - clients are in the loop.

Clients Get Auto Charged Recurrently

Don’t chase clients over unpaid invoices. The system will auto-charge.

Michael Kearns
Marisol Credle
Transformation Coach

I love the automation of Profi with the emails and followups as well as the text message feature that allows clients to be reminded of sessions. I also like how clean and professional the software presents. I received feedback from a client that thought the website portal was really nice and professional.

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Why Profi coaching software?


Meets Requirements

All the features you actually need

80% of our efforts go towards developing solutions that solve more of the problems you face in your daily work. As a result, you get software updates that make your life easier and future-proof your business.


Ease of Use

Intuitive experience  for everyone

Ease of use and scalability are our top priorities when designing new solutions. Which means that you, your coaches and clients get a user-friendly experience, no matter if you’re a small team or an established coaching organization.


Quality of Support

Personalized service


You have unique processes and specific needs. To address them, you get a dedicated Profi success partner who assists you with coach onboarding, swiftly resolves any questions, and shares best practices from years of experience helping organizations like yours succeed.

Online Coaching Platform FAQ

  • What is an online coaching platform?

    Coaching platform is an online software solution designed for solo coaches, coaching teams, and established coaching organizations. Typically, coaches begin seeking a unified coaching platform when managing multiple point tools such as Calendly, Zoom, email, spreadsheets, Jotform, and Kajabi becomes overwhelming. According to our research, most coaches spend over half of their time on non-client work. Naturally, coaches desire a change that will allow them to focus more time on helping their clients and/or growing their business, rather than managing their technology. This is why they often turn to unified coaching platforms.

  • What are the main coaching platform features I should look for?

    This may depend on your specific needs and requirements, but a general rule is to seek coaching platforms that offer features to streamline manual administrative processes, i.e. recurring scheduling, automated reminders, simple billing, client management, communications, forms, and notes. Many coaches also look for features to enhance their clients' experience, helping them retain and attract more clients. These features may include a dedicated client portal, a seamless mobile experience, client onboarding and progress tracking capabilities, the ability to easily upsell higher-ticket services, and more.

    If you're a coaching organization, you require additional features to effectively manage your coaching team, their schedules, the ability to showcase all your coaches for clients to choose from, and/or effectively facilitate client-coach matching, and more.

  • What is the best online coaching platform out there?

    There’s no single best solution on the market for everyone. Every coaching platform has its pros and cons, which may vary greatly for different coaches. To choose the best software for your specific needs, first, clearly determine those needs. What problems are you looking to solve? Are you trying to minimize the administrative burden and streamline your processes? What are your goals with a new solution? Improving your client experience, growing your team and business, monetize your coach network? Answering these questions will help you better understand your needs. Now, you’re ready to research various coaching platforms available.

    Create a shortlist, check out user reviews on third-party sites like G2 and Capterra, talk to multiple vendors, and test solutions on free trials. Remember, the ideal solution doesn’t exist, but there are some good options out there that have helped thousands of coaches achieve their goals.

  • What types of coaching business would benefit the most from using Profi?

    Profi is being used by coaching businesses of all types and sizes, from solo life coaches to mid-size health coach teams, as well as established leadership coaching organizations with 100+ coaches. Profi aims to support coaches from the first sale to full scale. That’s why we built the platform with scalability in mind.

  • Why should I choose Profi's coaching software?

    Coaches usually choose Profi for three main reasons. First, it offers all the features they need or might require in the future as they grow and expand their offerings, such as group coaching, courses, and programs, as well as community features. Second, it provides a great client experience because no matter what features you have access to, if your clients don’t find the platform intuitive to use, they won’t stick with it or with you for long. Third, at Profi, we understand that your success is our success.

    That’s why we invest a lot of resources into our customer success services, offering personalized assistance to our Corporate+ customers who typically need additional help.

  • Does Profi offer a white label coaching platform?

    On the Corporate and Network plan, you get a branded coaching platform, which connects to your custom domain.

  • How much does coaching software cost?

    There are different options at various price points, with most coaching software vendors charging per coach seat. You can check out Profi pricing here.

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