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Explore how business model innovation is essential your to service business's relevancy. Grow your team, business, value and client ROI with this complete primer.
The Most Complete Primer on Business Model Innovation for Service Businesses You'll Ever Read

Khanagha et al. (2014) [55] define business model innovation as: "Activities [that] can range from incremental changes in individual components of business models, the extension of the existing business model, introduction of parallel business models, right through to disruption of the business model

The challenge of client acquisition isn't getting easier, only harder. Learn coaching business models you can adopt today to drive client acquisition & get more customers.
7 Proven New Coaching Business Models That Drive Client Acquisition

Read on to learn about business coaching models you can adopt to increase client acquisition. But first, find out what a business coaching model is and why it's essential to have one. What Is a Coaching Business Model?

Learn how community-building business model strategies create bottom-line benefits & build a vibrant community for your service business with
Why Crafting Community-Building Strategy is Your Service Business' Competitive Advantage |

In a world full of your prospective clients, there’s more to brand building and business model innovation than quality services.

The Innovation Experts team uses to centralize remote consultant management + build a collaborative community. Read their case study to learn how.
How Innovation Experts is Building Their Consulting Community Vision with Profi | Profi

But their core business challenge only revealed itself fully in the face of a global pandemic that turned their business model completely upside down. “Profi inspired our new (business) model 100% — we hadn’t thought of it as an external tool!”.