Streamline and Scale your Coaching Business
With 7+ Tools and Admin Burden Profi

Scheduling, Programs, Payments, Reports, Client Portal - it’s all here.
Profi gives admins, coaches and your clients the tools to work together in one intuitive platform. No more duct-taping & days wasted.

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Are These Really the Optimal Ways 
to Run your Coaching Business?

Using 7+ disconnected tools

Using a myriad of tools doesn’t save money. It only adds to the admin burden and lost context. Eventually, clients get subpar service and start falling through the cracks.

Wasting days on gathering reports
No admin visibility into engagements
Frustrated clients and coaches

Other ‘all-in-one’ solutions

Most other solutions don’t address the biggest problems coaching organizations are faced with right now. Operational efficiency and client experience.

No full visibility into engagements
Not intuitive client experience
No or expensive personalized service

Building your own solution

Succeeding in a coaching business is already hard in itself. Trying to be in both coaching and technology business is extraordinary hard.

Lack of focus on top-notch client care
Time to market increased 5x
Expensive dev and maintenance

How much this problem is continuing to cost you every month?


Average coach hourly rate


Average number of coaches on a team


Hours/day wasted by coaches on non-client work (report)


Working days



Average coach hourly rate
Average number of coaches on a team
Hours/day wasted by coaches on non-client work report
Working days

Avoid these hidden costs. Cover your Profi investment with just one client session/coach and start growing revenue.

Less software. More client focus. Better results for everyone.

Here’s how Profi helps you become more efficient and ready to grow:

Step 1. Equip your coaches with
all the tools they need in one place

Coaches get their own calendar, scheduling links,
templates, and an easy way to work with clients.

Key Capabilities

  • Scheduling
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Landing pages
  • Recordings
  • Forms
  • Signatures
  • Built-in Video calls
  • Packages
  • Programs
  • Client management
  • Notes
  • Messaging

Step 2. Provide a simple experience clients
actually love coming back to

Each client gets a secure on-brand portal where they can schedule
and join sessions, engage with you and your content, pay, and more.

Key Capabilities

  • Client Portal
  • Onboarding widget
  • Progress Tracking
  • Community
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Notifications (Email, SMS)

Step 3. Get admin-level visibility and
pull important reports in seconds

View real-time session attendance and transaction reports, track coach capacity and client progress. No more wasting days on gathering this data from multiple sources.

Key Capabilities

  • Centralized Team Calendar
  • Reports
  • Payments
  • Coach Management
  • Coach Training
  • Default services
  • Branding
  • Marketplace
  • SSO
  • Custom Domain
  • Coach Subscription Access
  • Share revenue

How Profi is different?


Meets Requirements

All the features you actually need

80% of our efforts go towards developing solutions that solve more of the problems you face in your daily work. As a result, you get software updates that make your life easier and future-proof your business.


Ease of Use

Intuitive experience  for everyone

Ease of use and scalability are our top priorities when designing new solutions. Which means that you, your coaches and clients get a user-friendly experience, no matter if you’re a small team or an established coaching organization.


Quality of Support

Personalized service


You have unique processes and specific needs. To address them, you get a dedicated Profi success partner who assists you with coach onboarding, swiftly resolves any questions, and shares best practices from years of experience helping organizations like yours succeed.

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