A Guide to Group Coaching Software in 2023: Finding the Right Fit

Embarking on a coaching journey is both rewarding and challenging.

As the landscape of coaching evolves, so do the tools we use. With the rise of group coaching, the need for reliable and effective coaching management software has never been more crucial.

In this guide, we'll delve into the nuances of 1-on-1 versus group coaching and spotlight the top group coaching software options in 2023.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your current practice, this comprehensive overview aims to help you make informed decisions that align with your coaching goals and the needs of your clients.

1-on-1 coaching vs. Group coaching: Which is right for your coaching business?

Navigating the world of coaching can be a journey filled with choices. One of the most pivotal decisions you'll make as a coach is the format of your sessions.

Let's dive deep into the two primary coaching styles: 1-on-1 coaching and group coaching.

1-on-1 coaching: Personalized & tailored

Definition: Direct, individualized sessions between the coach and a single client.

Key features:

  • Personalized attention: Each session is tailored to the unique needs, goals, and challenges of the individual client.
  • Flexibility: Sessions can be easily adjusted based on the client's progress and immediate concerns.
  • Deep connections: Allows for the development of a strong, trusting relationship between the coach and the client.
  • Confidentiality: Clients may feel more comfortable discussing personal or sensitive topics in a private setting.

Ideal for: Coaches who specialize in deep personal transformations, those dealing with sensitive topics, or coaches who prefer a more intimate connection with their clients.

Group coaching: Collaborative & dynamic

Definition: Coaching sessions that involve multiple participants, which can range from small intimate groups to larger gatherings.

Key features:

  • Collaborative learning: Participants can learn from each other's experiences, insights, and perspectives.
  • Diverse interactions: The dynamic of a group brings varied viewpoints, leading to richer discussions and broader insights.
  • Cost-effective: Allows participants to access coaching at a potentially lower price point than 1-on-1 sessions.
  • Community building: Creates a supportive community where participants can motivate and uplift each other.

Ideal for: Coaches who aim to foster a sense of community, those who offer topic-specific group coaching programs (like business coaching or wellness retreats), or coaches who want to reach a wider audience in a single session.

Whether you opt for 1-on-1 coaching or group coaching largely depends on your coaching style, your business goals, and the needs of your target audience. Both formats offer unique benefits, and understanding these can help you tailor your services to provide maximum value to your clients.

The benefits of group coaching

Group coaching is gaining traction, and for good reasons. It's a space where collective wisdom meets individual growth. If you're a coach pondering this format, here's a straightforward look at its benefits.

Peer learning: Shared wisdom

In group coaching, every participant brings something to the table. It's not just about the coach's insights; it's a collective pool of experiences.

  • Varied insights: Each person offers a unique perspective, enriching the session.
  • Common ground: Discovering shared challenges fosters a sense of connection.
  • Group feedback: Participants can benefit from diverse viewpoints and solutions.

Collaborative learning: Together we grow

Group coaching goes beyond traditional discussions. It's about working together, sharing ideas, and building on them.

  • Active participation: Engaging activities keep the momentum going.
  • Skill development: Group tasks can enhance teamwork and problem-solving abilities.
  • Collective brainstorming: Group sessions often lead to innovative ideas and solutions.

The coach's role: Guiding the journey

In group coaching, the coach's role is slightly different. Instead of leading every discussion, the coach guides and facilitates, allowing the group's energy to shape the session.

The facilitator approach:

  • Empowerment: Encouraging participants to take the lead fosters self-driven learning.
  • Efficiency: One session can impact multiple individuals, maximizing the coach's reach.
  • Adaptive sessions: The coach can adjust to the group's dynamics, ensuring everyone's voice is heard.

Group coaching offers a fresh approach to learning and growth. It's a space where collective experiences shape individual journeys. For coaches, it's an opportunity to facilitate transformative sessions, touching multiple lives at once.

Top group coaching platforms in 2023

1. Profi

Best for: Group coaches seeking a seamless, all-in-one platform for dynamic sessions and client management.

Group coaching has its unique set of challenges, and having the right platform can make all the difference. Profi is designed with these specific needs in mind, offering a user-friendly experience without compromising on functionality.

Want to know why so many group coaches are turning to Profi? Let's take a closer look:

Key features:

  • Scheduling & calendar: Say goodbye to double-bookings. With Profi, you can sync with Google & Outlook calendars, share a branded booking link, and ensure both you and your clients are always in the loop with email & SMS reminders.
  • Video conferencing: Run unlimited 1:1 and group sessions directly through Profi's built-in HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. Enhance your sessions with features like screen sharing, note-taking, and even auto-charging for overtime. Plus, you can instantly access and share recordings.
  • CRM & client management: Keep all your client details organized. Manage your client list, take private notes, share them with clients and team members, and view the complete engagement history.
  • Integrated payments: Set your pricing, be it one-time, installment, or subscription. Accept payments via credit card or PayPal, all with a transparent fee structure.
  • Client portal: Offer your clients a branded, user-friendly portal where they can access messaging, scheduling, payments, and video conferencing. They can also view shared notes, complete forms, and sign agreements.
  • Packages & programs: Create and sell courses with interactive sessions, group discussions, and more. Monitor session usage and set up auto-renewal for packages.


  • Individual: $99/mo
  • Team: Starting at $149/mo
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

See how efficient Profi is when working with sizable groups!

Read the Trans4mation success story to explore how the company drove customer satisfaction and ensured each participant's comfort with Profi.io.

2. Teachfloor

Best for: Coaches aiming for a blend of live-streaming classes and community engagement.

Teachfloor is a comprehensive solution for instructors and academies looking to transition online.

With a focus on creating a subscription-based business model, Teachfloor offers a suite of tools that make it easier to engage students, manage courses, and foster a sense of community.

Whether you're looking to schedule live lessons, facilitate peer reviews, or simply manage your student community, Teachfloor has got you covered.

Key features:

  • Curriculum builder: Schedule live lessons, upload videos, and curate content with ease.
  • Lesson scheduling: Organize and publish lessons on a calendar, ensuring students can easily follow along.
  • Community wall: A dedicated space for student discussions, promoting peer-to-peer learning and engagement.
  • Peer review: Boost engagement with collaborative activities and peer learning experiences.
  • On-demand video: Combine live sessions with pre-recorded video lessons for a hybrid course approach.
  • Student report: Comprehensive analytics tools to track student progress and performance.
  • Instructor review: Assign tasks to students, review submissions, and provide feedback.
  • Chat 1-to-1: Facilitate student interactions, fostering a close-knit community.
  • White label customization: Personalize your academy with your logo, domain, and brand identity.
  • Integrations: Seamless integration with tools like Zoom, Stripe, and Zapier.


  • Pro: $69/month
  • Business: $349/month
  • Advanced: Custom pricing

3. Satori App

Best for: Coaches focused on delivering a smooth, professional client experience from discovery to expansion.

Satori App is a coaching platform that understands the nuances of a coaching business. From streamlining administrative tasks to enhancing client interactions, Satori App offers a suite of tools designed to boost revenue, retention, and results.

Whether you're just starting out or scaling up, Satori App provides the systems and support you need to elevate your coaching practice.

Key features:

  • Appointment booking: Schedule discovery sessions and allow clients to self-schedule, ensuring flexibility and convenience.
  • Discovery questionnaires: Qualify clients, gauge their motivation, and set the stage for impactful conversations.
  • Session reminders: Minimize no-shows and ensure clients are well-prepared for each session.
  • Google calendar sync: Seamlessly integrate your Satori sessions with your preferred calendar app.
  • Flexible availability: Customize your availability to match your work style, accommodate travel plans, and schedule breaks.
  • Timezone conversion: Automatically adjust session times to your client's local timezone.
  • Client engagement tools: From smooth onboarding to regular check-ins, enhance the overall client experience.
  • Billing automation: Offer custom billing cycles, payment plans, and discounts, making your coaching services more accessible.


  • Monthly Plan: $39/month
  • Annual Plan: $390/year (Get two months free with the annual plan.)

4. CoachAccountable

Best for: Coaches seeking a platform that offers comprehensive tools for both individual and team coaching setups.

CoachAccountable is a versatile coaching platform that not only streamlines the day-to-day operations of coaching but also enhances the value delivered to clients.

Designed with both the coach and client in mind, it offers a plethora of features that make coaching more efficient, engaging, and measurable.

Key features:

  • Scheduling: Integration with major calendars, group sessions, automated forms, and Zoom integration.
  • Client management: Private notes, action plans, client portal, and digital contracts.
  • Team management: Customizable roles, coach oversight, and shared resources.
  • Account management: Custom branding, engagement reports, and mobile-friendly workspace.
  • Reporting: In-depth reporting tools including invoicing, activity, and customized data field reports.
  • Assignments: Fillable forms, action projects, and collaborative documents.
  • Agreements & contracts: Comprehensive contract management with signature areas and document integrity checks.
  • Invoicing & payments: Recurring billing, memberships, and company billing.
  • Course authoring: Self-paced courses, group courses, and content drip sequence.
  • Integrations: Integration with Stripe, Square, PayPal, Zoom, and more.
  • Support: In-app help, detailed knowledge base, and premium email support.


  • Starter: 2 clients at $20/month
  • Level 1: 5 clients at $40/month
  • Level 2: 10 clients at $70/month
  • Level 3: 20 clients at $120/month
  • And so on, with higher levels accommodating more clients at adjusted prices.

5. Thinkific

Best for: Coaches who want a blend of course creation and community engagement in one platform.

Thinkific is a platform designed to empower coaches to transform their expertise into engaging online courses and communities. It offers a suite of tools that not only facilitate course creation but also foster community building, ensuring learners have a holistic and enriching experience.

With Thinkific, coaches can seamlessly integrate courses, live lessons, and community spaces, providing a comprehensive learning environment for their students.

Key features:

  • Course creation: Drag and drop course builder with quizzes, surveys, and assignments.
  • Website builder: Customizable site themes to reflect your brand without the need for coding.
  • Community engagement: Create communities with exclusive members-only content, live lessons, events, and coaching.
  • E-commerce tools: Accept payments directly, offer coupons, discounts, and leverage affiliate selling.
  • Custom domain: Personalize your course URL to match your brand.
  • Integrations: Extended functionality with various apps and integrations.
  • Support: Access to the Training Academy, email support, and chatbot assistance.
  • Branded mobile: Add-on feature for a custom branded mobile app.


  • Free Plan
  • Basic Plan: $36/month (billed annually)
  • Start Plan: $74/month (billed annually)

6. Paperbell

Best for: Coaches seeking a streamlined solution for online service delivery.

Paperbell is a comprehensive coaching software designed to simplify the process of offering coaching services online. It integrates essential tools like coaching scheduling software, payments, contracts, and content delivery, making it easier for coaches to manage their practice and for clients to engage with their services.

Whether you're conducting 1:1 sessions, group coaching, or live online classes, Paperbell provides the functionalities to support various coaching formats.

Key features:

  • All-inclusive platform: Integrated tools for booking, payments, contracts, and content delivery.
  • Custom branded landing pages: Automatically generated for each service offering.
  • Integrated payment system: Flexible payment options including payment plans and discounts.
  • Scheduling: Self-scheduling feature based on coach's availability.
  • Client management: Comprehensive client profiles with notes, purchase history, and signed contracts.
  • Contract signing: Integrated e-signatures for a seamless contract process.
  • Content delivery: Share PDFs, videos, and worksheets directly through the platform.
  • Group coaching & live classes: Support for various coaching formats.


  • Monthly Plan: $57/month
  • Annual Plan: $570/year

Choosing the right group coaching software: Final thoughts

The journey of coaching is as unique as the individuals we serve.

In today’s digital age, the tools we choose can significantly amplify our impact. The coaching platforms we've explored in this guide offer a diverse range of features, each catering to specific coaching needs. From intimate 1-on-1 sessions to dynamic group coaching experiences, there's a solution out there that aligns with your vision.

But beyond the features and functionalities, it's essential to remember the core of coaching: transformation.

It's about guiding individuals to their fullest potential, fostering growth, and igniting change. As you navigate through the myriad of software options, always circle back to what truly matters - the value you bring to your clients and the difference you make in their lives.

Looking for business-focused group coaching software that can boost client satisfaction? Find out what Profi can do for you!

Book a demo with one of our specialists or try our Solo Free Trial to experience its benefits firsthand.


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