Elevation of Coaching Practice with All-in-One Profi's Convenience

Trans4mation is a management consulting firm focused on driving organizational transformations. The company grows Leaders and Enterprise Agile Coaches to simplify the transformation process.

At the heart of their mission lies the objective of helping enterprises attain agility by imparting the principles of collective leadership, essential for effectively managing change.

The company provides diverse services, including culture transformation, tailored training, and comprehensive full-scale transformations. Their methodology is all-encompassing and directed towards nurturing leaders capable of applying an agile mindset to achieve desired results.

“I initiated Trans4mation because I strongly believed in the importance of helping others to scale up. It's often not feasible to achieve significant progress alone; engaging like-minded individuals with similar values and thinking is crucial to collaborate.” — Michele Madore, Founder, Managing Member, Trans4mation

The Challenge

Trans4mation is a rapidly growing company that continuously broadens its audience and range of offerings. Among the key areas of focus are cohort and group coaching. Since transformation heavily relies on corporate culture, achieving success demands a methodical approach to training organizational decision-makers.

The typical Trans4mation cohort consists of 8-12 individuals, although this number occasionally exceeds 20. Handling sizable groups presents challenges in driving customer satisfaction and ensuring each participant's comfort throughout the training.

While providing coaching services to a diverse audience, the company encountered several obstacles that motivated them to seek an appropriate solution:

  • Dealing with overwhelming back-office processes
  • Lacking a centralized platform to streamline business activities
  • The necessity of delivering a customer-centric approach and seamless experience
"We utilized tools like Google Drive, Zoom, and Gmail and attempted to consolidate all materials for our clients. While Google Drive is user-friendly, it isn't universally convenient. Our greatest hurdle was crafting a smooth experience for our clients." — Brittany Tew, Operations Manager, Trans4mation


Customer-oriented approach from the very beginning

Thorough research and a comprehensive grasp of business conditions guided Trans4mation's business leaders in selecting Profi, an all-in-one platform for coaches. That strategic decision aimed to collect all training resources in one place and get a user-friendly dashboard for effectively overseeing the entire service provisioning process.

All-in-one software makes coaches efficient

For the customer, Profi became a tool that propels their transformation process and allows them to concentrate on core business priorities, such as creating programs and coaching individuals, rather than dealing with routine management tasks.

“One aspect of Profi that I truly appreciate is how it simplifies things. In the past, even with a structured backend, I had to remember where specific documents were stored, recall the scheduling preferences of each client, and handle various other details. When your business scales, it becomes quite taxing to keep track of everything. But now, with Profi, everything is conveniently accessible. I can share materials, arrange sessions, and have an overview of all my clients in one program. I can handle everything in one space.” — Michele Madore, Founder, Managing Member, Trans4mation

Timely tech support is crucial

One of the valuable aspects that Profi brought to Trans4mation was the capability to promptly address any challenges encountered while using the platform, thereby averting any potential downtime. The company defines it as one of the core factors contributing to their sense of being supported and self-assured.

"When any issue arises, I can contact the Profi team for assistance, and the problem gets resolved in hours. It's truly remarkable because I don't have to wait days or struggle to get in touch through customer support. I know I can rely on you." — Brittany Tew, Operations Manager, Trans4mation

The Outcome

Given the seamless collaboration experienced with Profi and the value it brings to the Trans4mation business, the customer decided to scale up the company with the platform at hand and upgrade the subscription level from the Team to the Corporate. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing brand awareness and offering broader functionality to clients.

Over a span of two years working together, Trans4mation has achieved the following:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced client journeys
  • Substantial time savings
  • Positive ROI right from the first day of implementation

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