11 Best Coaching Management Software to Scale Client Onboarding

Do you know that people and companies perform 1.5 million searches monthly for business coaches, life coaches, and executive coaches? It’s safe to say you have tons of room to scale your coaching business.

However, beyond excellent coaching skills, much more contributes to your success in the coaching and training industries. First, developing these fundamental soft skills: building trust with your clients and creating a safe space for them to be the imperfect humans they are — just like you — is the foundation of strong client-coach relationships. 

And, there’s also the practical business matters of building your skill in designing world-class coaching services, products and training courses that bring in both active and passive income you can stabilize so you can spend more time focusing on your growth, being present for your family, traveling and living a more balanced, healthy life.

So you see… being a great coach is just one piece of the puzzle. You need to stand out both as a coach and as a business. To do this, you’ll need reliable coaching software and the right-for-your coaching team business model. And none of this matters if you haven’t designed frictionless client onboarding process and practice into your business.

Designing Scalable Client Onboarding & Management Starts With Your Mindset

When it comes to client and customer experience (CX), there are two main schools of thought:

  1. one says you need to work to surprise and delight clients
  2. the other suggests you do your best at meeting basic client needs first by reducing client effort in dealing with your team and your business

At Profi, we fall into the latter of the two. 

As coaches and trainers ourselves, we know that getting the basics right first is crucial… like in your client-coach relationship.

Why? Because as coaches and trainers ourselves, we know that getting the basics right first is crucial… like in your client-coach relationship. If you try to skip past building trust or safety in the relationship initially, or you don’t acknowledge what’s hard about your client’s experience, then they won’t feel understood and you likely won’t have a relationship for long.

The same can be said for their experience with other members of your team who may be co-hosting individual or group sessions with you or authoring specific training modules in one of your client onboarding courses. And, this mindset extends to every touchpoint they have with your business: from being a prospect or lead to activation to client retention.

Your first goal is to make sure every client has the most effortless experience possible with your service business, your service team and you.

Your first goal is to make sure every client has the most effortless experience possible with your service business, your service team and you. And that starts by thoughtfully, and systematically approaching your client onboarding. Good client onboarding feels easy. It streamlines business processes. It builds trust, scales well, and boosts the overall performance of your courses, coaching team and business.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the best coaching management software on the market to help you introduce that effortless experience into your client onboarding and ongoing client management. These onboarding platforms aren’t in any particular order. Every coach and trainer has unique needs, and certain software suites work better for some than others given your unique coaching or training business use case.

So, Why’s it Important to Enhance Your Existing Client Onboarding Experience?

Landing a new client is exciting. But here’s the big secret: new clients cost! It’s 7x more expensive to land a new client than to keep an existing one. And existing clients are more likely to purchase additional services, products, and courses, refer friends and family, and spend more money with you over the course of your relationship.

But here’s the big secret: new clients cost! It’s 7x more expensive to land a new client than to keep an existing one.

In other words, your existing clients are your bread-and-butter. Sure, you’ll need new clients to grow and scale your coaching team. But your existing clients are the pillars of your coaching business.

This is why effective customer onboarding is essential. It sets the tone for your client relationship and influences long-term client retention and client churn.

90% of your customers believe you can do a better job onboarding them. And 63 percent say they consider the level of support they believe they’ll receive when deciding whether to purchase from you or not. 

Sadly, this is where most coaching companies and teams of coaches drop the ball. Ninety percent of your customers believe you can do a better job onboarding them. And 63 percent say they consider the level of support they believe they’ll receive when deciding whether to purchase from you or not. 

Since coaching and training are both such client-facing ventures, offering a great client onboarding experience is especially important for brand building and market differentiation. If customers are unsure of the kind of support they'll receive, how can they trust your coaching sessions will be different?

11 Best Coaching Management Software to Design an Effortless CX? 

As coaching teams and companies continue to realize the criticality of enhancing their client onboarding experience and ongoing client management, the demand for right-fit software is rising. 

Luckily, there are plenty of coaching management software solutions with built-in onboarding and client management features to reduce friction and increase effortlessness in your client experience. Let’s check out our list of favorites.

1. Rocketlane

Rocketlane is an ideal customer onboarding platform for product and project-based businesses. Its collaborative design brings several functions neatly together. These include project management, communication capabilities, and live document collaboration. 

Beyond elevating your customer onboarding experience, Rocketlane also streamlines project implementation and shortens time to value. It’s unified workspace brings consistency to your processes and improves visibility.

Rocketlane is suitable for teams of all sizes running customer-facing projects. The solution is specially primed for SaaS businesses, marketing agencies, system integrators, and IT services. 

Pricing starts at $19 per team monthly, and you can choose between several plans; Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. Fortunately, it has a 14-day trial period to see if it's a good fit.

So, let’s leave a word of caution here: Rocketlane is not built for coaches. You can use it as a coach or trainer. But it’s not going to have coach or trainer-centric features.

2. ChurnZero

If you use an online coaching business model, one way to enjoy a steady income is by offering subscription services. In that case, ChurnZero may be an ideal companion.

This platform has a unique design to help subscription businesses reduce churn. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with CRM systems. Along with automating and personalizing the customer experience, this helps companies:

  • Understand how clients interact with products
  • Assess the likelihood of renewing subscriptions

Other notable client experience features available on ChurnZero include:

  • content creation, 
  • customer segmentation, 
  • knowledge management, 
  • and customer health scoring.

3. Planhat

In a data-centric business ecosystem, the more information you can gather on clients, the better you can serve them. And this is what Planhat offers. It's a business coaching software built to improve customer experience and manage workflow.

But Planhat also offers key client insights and helps unify your client data. This can help you maximize customer lifetime value, making your coaching business more profitable in the long run.

4. GuideCX

The key to successful client onboarding is getting the simple things right. GideCX helps companies achieve this by making it easier to manage projects and to invite, guide, and engage customers and employees.

Some of the key features GuideCX offers include:

  • Transparent project views
  • Task automation
  • Easy-to-access task and project updates
  • Customizable templates
  • Milestone tracking
  • Cost-to-completion tracking
  • Idea management

Planhat coaching management software is ideal for making the onboarding process more engaging. 

5. Process Street

The Process Street team defines its solution as a modern process management platform. You can use it to simplify employee onboarding if you're planning to build a team around your services. Teams will share core processes easily as Process Street converts them into powerful no-code workflows. 

Furthermore, you can build robust and efficient workflows like content approvals, tenant screening, and customer implementation. 

Pricing: Process Street offers a 14-day free trial you don’t need to provide a credit card for. After that, you can choose between the Pro and Enterprise plans, with pricing starting at $25 per user, per month.

6. Profi

Alright… you caught us! We’re including ourselves in this list. While we don’t consider ourselves just an “onboarding and client management solution,” we live at the crossroads between coaching management software, training management and client onboarding. We pride ourselves on being an end-to-end solution for coaches and trainers from first touch with clients to ongoing servicing. So, we’re probably the most advanced software for coaches and trainers on this list, especially given half of the solutions available aren’t even catered towards the unique pain points of coaches and trainers.

We’re simple to use, secure, incredibly dynamic for your growing service business, and jam-packed with the core features you need to build a scalable, sustainable coaching team and business

For example, we’re category and niche leaders in these G2 coaching management, client onboarding and client management software categories key to designing an effortless CX:

So, that end-to-end client experience we support:

  1. begins at prospecting and lead generation using our course creation features to bring new subscription clients in
  2. activate prospects into new clients or product users 
  3. book individual and group sessions with them (or simply integrate those into your dripped and pre-scheduled onboarding program).  
  4. and automate your client billing. 

One of our corporate customers uses Profi to uncross wires in their consultancy of 40+ experts.

Pricing: Frankly, we’re better built than others on this list (by… virtually every margin). But we’ll list ourselves down here. We’re working on our ego. If you don’t believe us, give our free 30-day trial a spin on your own. Or, check out our Team, Corporate and Network plan pricing.

7. Userlane

Rolling out coaching software is a great way to enhance your business. It can help improve internal processes and offers a platform to engage with clients better and other avenues for monetization.

However, your results depend on your software's efficiency and the content you deliver to your audience. 

Userlane helps online business coaching services get the most out of their software. It offers a fast and intuitive way approach to guiding and supporting software users in real-time. Doing so enhances product adoption and engagement.

Some of Userlane’s client communication features include:

  • Reporting & statistics
  • Data import/export
  • Collaboration tools
  • Communication management
  • Third-party integrations
  • Surveys and feedback

8. ClientSuccess

As the name suggests, ClientSuccess helps companies deliver better outcomes for customers. It primarily focuses on SaaS executives, enabling them to grow and retain their customer base. 

With this coaching business software, you'll gain rich customer analytics delivered as actionable insights. This allows you to manage customer success holistically and in a personalized manner, enhancing acquisition and retention rates.

ClientSuccess has CX features such as:

  • Customer engagement
  • Communication management
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Revenue management
  • Health score
  • Email management
  • Document management
  • Usage tracking/analytics

9. Clustdoc

Email has been the primary mode of professional communication for over two decades. However, while it has numerous strengths, it also has key limitations. 

For instance, it's not ideal for collecting and reviewing documents. Clustdoc offers a more efficient alternative making it suitable for client onboarding. 

Clustodoc has robust client management features, including:

  • Activity dashboard
  • Audit trail
  • Access controls
  • Business process automation
  • Archiving and retention
  • Client management
  • Customizable branding
  • Collaboration tools
  • Client portal
  • Compliance tracking

Pricing: Clustdoc has a free version and two plans, Silver and Gold. Pricing starts at $100 a month, depending on your selected plan. There's also a 14-day trial period to test the plan that interests you. 

10. Pipefy

Efficient workflows are a key business enabler. You can empower your team with enhanced efficiency using Pipefy as it enhances workflow management. It simplifies tasks such as onboarding, purchasing, and recruiting.

The best part is that Pipefy makes all this possible even for teams without IT experience. With the enhanced efficiency, you can expect higher quality outcomes. 

Pipefy has numerous contact management features, including:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Communication management
  • Contact management
  • Discussions/forums
  • Conditional logic
  • Calendar management
  • Customizable reports

Pricing: If you're looking for free coaching software, Pipefy is a good choice. It has a free 'Starter' plan suitable for freelancers, startups, students, and small teams that want better organization. When your needs increase, you can upgrade to the paid plans, which start at $18 up to $30 monthly.  

11. Moovila

Improving your onboarding process will translate into better outcomes. But what if you can also automate it?

Moovila offers this as it automates and streamlines workflows, reducing your involvement. A feature that distinguishes Moovilat from other platforms is its automation engine. It analyzes and adjusts onboarding data and schedules as needed.

This is accompanied by 24/7 risk monitoring. So, should any issue arise, you'll receive a notification. While Moovila is specifically a project management software, you can use it for client and account management as well.

Moovila's key client management features include:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Access controls
  • Activity tracking
  • Budget management
  • Client portal Calendar management
  • Customizable templates
  • Drag and Drop
  • Idea management

Pricing: Before you pay for the available plans, take advantage of the trial period to see if it's a good fit.

How to Choose a Client Onboarding Software for Teams of Coaches & Trainers

So, we recognize making a choice for your business isn’t easy. There are plenty of client onboarding and management solutions out there, but few are built with coaches and trainers in mind. These solutions all have tons of features. But most of those features are, frankly, not worth anything for scaling client onboarding in a coaching and training business.

While you want the best possible software, it's not about the number of features you get. It's more how well it suits your coaching or training team structure and business. 

While you want the best possible software, it's not about the number of features you get. It's more how well it suits your coaching or training team structure and business. 

Consider how the solution aligns with your needs, your business model, growth plans, and budget. Doing this and avoiding the common mistakes coaches make will significantly improve business outcomes. 

Our Big Takeaways on the Best Coaching Client Onboarding Software for You

Business coaching and training is a unique industry. Clients don't just buy into your product and brand. They also have to believe in you, the coach. As a result, you'll need a highly efficient and personalized onboarding process to get clients over the line and keep them for life. 

Book a demo with one of our product coaches today to effortlessly impress clients and scale your team and your business with our coaching management software for client onboarding.
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