5 Ways to Automate Training Your Corporate Service Team with a Corporate Training Platform

If you’re responsible for developing and overseeing training programs at your company, then you’ve definitely got a lot on your plate. Assessing training needs, developing effective training modules, managing training records, and seeking feedback to improve future training programs — these are just a few of the things that go into successfully training the various types of learners that make up a team.

Whether you need to onboard and train your own team members so they’re ready to work with your clients or your business provides clients or employees with executive, leadership, career, or health and wellness training, an online corporate training platform or corporate learning management system (LMS) can help you automate the functions that drain time and energy away from core training tasks. 

Let’s take a look at the five big ways a corporate online training platform helps you automate so you can maximize the impact you have on your trainees and scale your business.

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Free Learner Experience Design (LxD) Planner | Profi corporate training platform

1. A Corporate Training Platform Lets You Automate Communication with Learners

The best corporate training platforms make it simple to communicate with learners. 

Secure video conferencing for live sessions, of course, is a must-have for running an effective online training program. And chat functionality provides another way for learners and trainers to discuss topics further during training sessions.

But, a really great corporate learning management system will also automate the backend tasks of communicating asynchronously with learners. It’ll let you automate booking and training registration by using booking widgets and scheduled forms, and it’ll allow you to set up workflows that automatically send confirmations, course reminders, prompts, requests for feedback, and other messages to training participants and clients.

Profi.io, which is designed for trainers, coaches, and consultants, makes it simple to schedule one-on-one and group training sessions with a standalone or embeddable booking widget and two-way calendar syncing. 

Profi.io corporate training client booking widget on session landing page | corporate training platform
Trainees can easily choose to book an available session from your session landing page.

We are really thankful for the automation process that has made our client booking so much easier. We’ve reduced our administration working hours from 24/7 to just eight hours a day. — Magnus Mulyadi, CMO Ikigai Consulting

Profi.io’s Corporate and Network plan users can also easily send emails and SMS notifications to stay in contact with trainees, or chat with them directly in the secure messaging area.

2. A Corporate Training Platform Helps Maximize Learner Engagement and Results

Ultimately, you want learners to be engaged with your training program so they get every benefit they’re promised. You want them to go on to use their new skills to improve their lives and careers.

Easier said than done, you think? Yeah, most organizations would agree that they’re not getting what they need from training programs, in part, because of phenomena like the forgetting curve and other learning and implementation challenges.

This is where a corporate training platform that understands and incorporates the principles of learner experience design (LxD) can help.  

Any corporate learning management system worth looking into should do several things to deliver a great user experience (UX) for your trainees. A corporate training platform should:

  • be flexible and let you customize sessions and personalize training programs to fit different trainee needs and roles within an organization
  • help you leverage a blended learning strategy to maximize engagement by making it simple for you to offer self-paced training, live online training, and onsite training
  • allow you to create engaging training modules — with all the bells and whistles like video recordings and interactive quizzes — that help trainees grow and reach their potential
  • offer a cohesive training experience, or learner experience, that feels like a unified solution

Profi.io helps you take advantage of microlearning principles and a trend called flow of work learning through its program creation tools and by letting you create automated, dripped online training course content that trains your clients whenever and wherever it works best — 24/7, 365 days a year.

With Profi.io’s Team and Corporate online training platform, you can invite other trainers to host modules as instructors, act as group session facilitators, or create a module of their own. Program deliver makes it easy for teams of trainers to collaborate and create more effective and engaging courses and programs.

For the ultimate UX — with that cohesive feel — you can create your own branded portal for both trainers and trainees. You get to customize and have complete control over the UX. And, if you’re a Network plan user, you can even offer subscription-based access to the professional trainers in your network.

Want tools and resources to improve learner engagement? Download our learner experience design (LxD) planner to level up your learner design.

Free Learner Experience Design (LxD) Planner | Profi corporate training platform

3. A Corporate Training Platform Streamlines Progress Tracking 

In a recent survey of 40 top service providers, Profio.io learned that respondents were spending about 9% of their time on client progress tracking and reporting. Taken alone, that might not sound like much, but when added to all of the other administrative activities that support their businesses, respondents were left reporting that they only spent 41% of their time on billable client services. Yikes!

Allowing necessary, yet easily automated tasks to dictate how you spend more than half of your time can lead to a “death by a thousand cuts” situation. Automating your progress tracking and reporting is one way to take back your time for profitable and, frankly, more enjoyable training activities.  

Allowing necessary, yet easily automated tasks to dictate how you spend more than half of your time can lead to a “death by a thousand cuts” situation. Automating your progress tracking and reporting is one way to take back your time for profitable and, frankly, more enjoyable training activities.  

The beauty of using a corporate learning management system like Profi.io is that client progress tracking can be done nearly effortlessly, and it gives you the ability to analyze and report on the individual learner and company-wide progress. 

If you’re a Profi.io Corporate or Network plan user, you can also report on the key data points of your training courses and programs, which allows you to analyze, adjust, and sell your services.

4. A Corporate Training Platform Automates Billing and Makes Monetization Simple

Billing. It’s everyone’s least favorite time-sucking task, but it’s the one that ultimately lets you keep helping others and lets you grow your business. The best corporate training platforms automate billing activities and give you the tools you need to easily monetize your courses and training services.

With Profi.io you can offer clients flexible payment plans, packages, subscriptions, and memberships. Plus, you can customize your options to automatically collect payments.

Profi.io payments for monetizing your corporate training platform
From the Payments tab, trainers can see the total balance in their Wallet, view payment history by date, transaction type, client name, status, and amount. Plus, this payment information can be exported to a CSV file.

Streamlined billing and payments software built into the Profi.io platform helps you create a consistent customer experience, saves you time, helps you get paid faster, and helps you scale your business.

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5. A Corporate Training Platform Automates Feedback and Data-Gathering, Making it Simpler to Improve Your Training

Training evaluation is a major part of the overall training process. Feedback from others is an incredibly valuable asset for — well, everyone — including training departments, training agencies, and individual trainers. But, thanks to advances in software development, we can also use data on things like usage and engagement to drive decisions about adjustments and improvements to our training programs.

Mix feedback from trainees with data regarding your training programs and services and put it all together with a bit of analysis and you have a powerful formula for understanding what you need to improve future offerings and help more people as you grow.

(Human Feedback + Data) x Analysis = Your Action Plan for Training Program Improvement

Person on laptop | Formula for creating a corporate training action plan

To give you what you need to complete the improvement formula, the best corporate training platforms give you multiple tools so you can ask for learner feedback, collaborate with other professionals, and capture learner behavior and engagement data. 

With Profi.io, you can easily send questionnaires to trainees throughout their training at a regular pace, such as weekly or monthly, or at certain points during the training.

Profi.io corporate training platform forms and embeddable questionnaires
Using forms, trainers can embed questionnaires directly into their training programs to request feedback from trainees and to check in with them regarding their progress.

And, because Profi.io makes it so simple to collaborate with other trainers through secure messaging, chat functionality, and community-building features like PeerBoard integration for Corporate and Network plan users, it’s easy to course-correct and improve, even in the middle of a program.

Profi.io Peerboard integrated community cohorts into your corporate training platform
Profi’s PeerBoard integration promotes collaboration and community-building that you can run by cohort based on the service you’re delivering, whether it’s a session, program or package.

To top it all off, Profi.io Corporate and Network plan admins can also view and report on key data points, including learner completion rate and total revenue.

Profi programs report allows admins to view and export data on program completion rates, total revenue and more
Corporate and Network plan admins can easily access program reports from your Profi.io dashboard to view and export data, including program completion rate and total revenue.

Profi’s Corporate Training Platform Scales with Your Training Team and Service Organization

You know what? The most powerful thing about using a corporate training platform like Profi.io isn’t that it makes scheduling, billing, or client communication simple — it’s how it does it by bringing everything you need together in one place. 

When your client information is tied to your scheduling, billing, course creation, service delivery, and analytics through a unified customer relationship management (CRM) system it connects all of the dots to make building relationships with your clients simple, allowing you to scale your business with ease.

Since we know that teams of trainers operate under different business models, including small businesses, corporate structures, and networks, and they have different needs from solo trainers, Profi offers plans that meet you and your team where you’re at and then scale with you as you grow.

Want to see how Profi.io can help you automate, reduce administrative drain, and scale your team? Book a Demo with one of our Product Coaches today.

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