How Streamlined Billing & Payments Software Simplifies Your Service Business

Getting paid up-front and in full shouldn’t be rocket science. Yet, the reality is more complicated than that for service teams and service businesses.

Too often, collecting payments is a frustrating and complicated experience. From endless back-and-forth emails to hunting down “lost” payments to hearing the latest version of “the checks in the mail,” it’s one of the worst parts of being in business for yourself. And it’s certainly THE WORST part of managing a growing team — knowing a team of Pros is relying on you to pay their bills.

It all results in wasted time, unnecessary stress, and wondering how you’ll pay your bills if the payments don’t arrive.

Look, you should spend time growing your business and delivering great service to your clients instead of chasing payments. Profi can help. 

Here’s how you can streamline payments using our billing and payment software and get more of you and your team’s time and money back.

Do I Really Need Billing System Software for my Service Business?

It’s a fair question. When you’re trying to keep overhead down, you want to ensure every investment is worth you and your team’s precious time and money.

Here are some ways that Profi benefits service businesses so you can concentrate on what you do best – providing awesome service to your clients while growing your team and your business.

Profi Team Wallet Program billing and payment software
Instead of a separate tool to streamline payments, Profi’s Team Wallet is a built-in payment solution fit for growing teams and scaling service businesses of all sizes.

Create a Consistent Customer Experience

Enhancing your customer’s experience (or CX) is a win-win situation: you maximize your customer’s satisfaction, and they’ll be more likely to stay, come back, and recommend other clients to you. 

When it comes to creating great CX, consistency is critical. If they have a great time interacting with you or a member of your service team but feel like your payment options and billing process were less than professional, you’ll leave them with a negative take on your business. Using a streamlined payments process to schedule and communicate with clients, then sticking with manual payment and billing methods strikes an uneven tone.

Profi helps you create a professional and streamlined payment experience from beginning to end. Give clients flexibility and choose from a range of payment options. Clients can pay in a lump sum or break it up into monthly payments. You can also offer subscriptions for ongoing service contracts billed daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Profi package payment options subscription | Profi billing system software’s payment options by service type (programs, packages and individual or group sessions) allow you and your team flexibility to deliver and streamline payments with its billing and payment solution built into each service.

Don’t make clients learn a whole new platform for payments. It’ll likely frustrate them and slow down the entire process. With Profi, your clients have a frictionless experience from beginning to end. They use the same platform to sign up, make payments (hands-free for you before a service is delivered), and communicate with you.

Reduce Time-waste on Payment and Billing

Here’s something to think about: the average coach only spends41% of their time with clients. Coaches spend the rest of the time on activities like inputting notes, scheduling, and — you guessed it – sorting through billing. Between chasing payment status and email follow-ups, it can be a time-consuming and tedious process. 

Billing software is one of the best ways to save time and reduce stress.

Profi simplifies the process so you can get back to your client relationships and improve their client experience. Set up automatic payments so that clients pay in full upfront for their services. Connecting payment processing software like Stripe with Profi allows you to accept credit and debit card payments quickly and easily.

Profi Team Wallet Stripe setup | billing system software
Connecting payment processing software like Stripe with Profi allows you to accept credit and debit card payments quickly and easily.

Not only is billing time-consuming but getting finances in order and accounted for can take a lot of administration time. With Profi, every plan comes with a searchable history of services delivered, client information, and notes. You can also access and download every bill and payment made as a CSV file.

Make Scaling Easier

Company growth is exciting! Bringing on more coaches and clients leads to more opportunities and revenue. It also requires more logistics and oversight, though. While manual bills and clunky bill payment solutions might work for a short time when starting your business, it stalls growth and eventually stops it altogether.

You have a lot of flexibility in how you set up payments in your service business with Profi’s Corporate and Network plans. Enable subscriptions for coaches and clients alike.

Profi makes scaling your billing and payment processes seamless. Set up a Coach’s Wallet for each team member so that your coaches get paid quickly with Stripe. Error is a natural part of being human. That means as your business grows, there are a lot more humans to make errors.

Profi Corp Network Coach Wallet settings | billing system software
Configure global setup for every coach’s Wallet across your Team workspaces so they are free to individually link up their payment options from their own Wallets in Profi.

Automating your billing tasks eliminates more human errors as your business grows, as it did for Ikigai Consulting:

“Sometimes humans are prone to errors when they’re tired, but Profi is always up. So, using Profi, we manage to reduce the number of human errors.” — Magnus Mulyadi, CMO Ikigai Consulting

Transparency is also an important aspect of growth. Trace coaches booking and revenue totals by month to see how everyone on your team is doing. Profi’s Corporate and Network programs allow leaders to get a run down by teams. Search across the whole team for transactions by date, session type, client name, status, and amount. Also, you can export billing information to a CSV to use that data for external tools, such as a tax filing system.

Use Transaction Reports to filter out specific types of payments by more than 10 filters across client, coach or workspace in your account.

Get Paid Faster

We all want to get paid right away, right? The right billing and payment software makes that possible. An automatic and intuitive service delivery platform that handles payment upfront means you don’t have to sweat it out and hope that your client pays post-service. Or worse, follow up with them for payment after you’ve delivered the service. Plus, Profi’s Corporate and Network plans allow businesses to offer their clients more payment options to make it quick and easy, such as Venmo and Zelle.

Profi Corp and Network plan payment options billing software
Profi’s Corporate and Network plans allow businesses to offer their clients more payment options to make it quick and easy, such as Venmo and Zelle.
“Processing client payments and withdrawing are super easy by connecting with Stripe.” — Bohdan D., Product Marketing Manager

With your Wallet connected to Stripe, you can be paid quickly and easily. Corporate and Network clients can even set up payments directly to their bank account, avoiding fees and extra steps in the payment process.

Create a Seamless Payment and Billing Process with Profi

The right billing system software makes getting paid consistently and up-front an easy and painless process. It not only helps keep you and your team organized but improves your client’s experience and makes scaling your client base easier.

Profi’s platform is made specifically for service providers and service business owners who want to manage payments seamlessly across the entire client experience. Book a Demo with a Profi Product Coach today to see how you can make billing and payments easy no matter the size of your team.

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