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  • Business Coaching Image

    Business Coaching Intake Form

    Make a great first impression with a professional business coaching intake form.

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    Life Coaching Intake Form

    Get the insights you need to drive transformational change with our life coaching intake form.

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    Executive Coaching Intake Form

    Our intake form takes the guesswork out of executive coaching sessions.

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    Health Coaching Intake Form

    Get to know your clients' health history and goals with ease using our customizable health coaching intake form.

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    Career Coaching Intake Form

    Unlock your clients' potential with our specialized career coaching intake form.

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    Relationship Coaching Intake Form

    Get your clients to open up with our relationship coaching intake form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an intake form and why do coaches need one?

    An intake form is a tool that coaches use to gather important information from clients before starting a coaching engagement, which helps coaches understand clients' needs and goals, and tailor their coaching approach accordingly.

    A coaching intake form is necessary to establish clear expectations and boundaries, and to ensure that both coaches and clients are on the same page from the beginning.

  • Which types of coaches can benefit from using this intake form?

    Many types of coaches can benefit from using an intake form, including business, life, career, health, executive, spiritual, and relationship coaches. The form helps coaches gather important information about their clients and establish a solid foundation for their coaching relationship.

  • What should be on a coaching intake form?

    A coaching intake form should include information about the client's goals, needs, and background, as well as any medical or personal information that may impact their coaching journey.

  • What is included in this coaching intake form template?

    Our coaching intake form template provides all the necessary sections you need to gather the information that matters most for your coaching practice. From identifying goals to assessing challenges, our form allows you to gain deep insights into your clients' needs, creating a foundation for successful coaching.

    And the best part? You can fully customize our template to fit your unique coaching style, adding your own questions, media, and styling.

  • What are the steps to create an effective coaching intake form?

    An effective coaching intake form can be created by following a few simple steps:

    • Identify the information you need to collect from your clients.
    • Choose a format & design that works for you.
    • Use clear & concise language to ask questions.
    • Test the form with a sample group to make sure it works well.
    • Continually evaluate & update the form to ensure it meets your & your clients’ needs.

    With a well-crafted intake form, coaches can gather valuable information about their clients and provide more personalized support.

  • How do you do a coaching intake session?

    A coaching intake session is typically done through a questionnaire or conversation that assesses the client's goals, challenges, and needs, and allows the coach to create a personalized plan to help the client achieve their objectives.

    One of the most effective ways to kick off a coaching intake session is to use an intake form template. This saves time and allows you to build onto a solid foundation that ensures you will be capturing all of the important information necessary to pave the way for a rewarding relationship with your client.

  • How can I set up my coaching intake form with Profi?

    Setting up your coaching intake form with Profi is a breeze! Simply create an account, choose from our selection of pre-designed templates or create your own custom form, and start collecting the information you need from your clients.

    With our easy-to-use interface and helpful support team, you'll have your coaching intake form up and running in no time. Plus, with the added benefits of automated follow-up emails and streamlined scheduling, Profi has everything you need to take your coaching practice to the next level!

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