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If you're new to Profi, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Profi is an all-in-one platform designed to empower professional service providers. Born in 2018, Profi has been on a mission to empower professionals like you. We've evolved, listened, and crafted tools that make managing your practice a breeze.

From mental health practitioners to coaches, consultants, trainers, accountants, and lawyers, our platform offers a single, secure place for scheduling, video conferencing, program creation, billing, and more. Today, we're trusted by over 1,000 service providers, from solopreneurs to large organizations.

Now, let's dive into our biggest update this year.

Imagine having the power to tailor your session availability, control new session restrictions, and simplify recurring sessions. Picture a world where your clients can book and pay for all recurring sessions in one click. That's the world we're creating with this update.

But here's the best part: with this update, you get the functionality of scheduling tools like Calendly right within Profi. There's no need anymore to switch between Profi and other scheduling tools. Everything you need is right here.

But that's not all. We're also enhancing your clients' experience with features like guest sessions and the ability for clients to schedule sessions without creating an account. Plus, we're upgrading our packages and programs and adding new video conferencing features as well as functionality for Team and Corporate customers.

Let’s dig deeper into these new features and updates.

Enhanced flexibility & control

Tailor your session availability

We're putting you in the driver's seat.

With our latest update, you can now set specific availability for each type of session considering your time zone. This means you can schedule different types of sessions on different days or time periods.

For example, you might want to offer Discovery sessions for new clients on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and recurring 1:1 sessions with existing clients on any weekday evenings.

This feature gives you the flexibility to manage your time more effectively and tailor your schedule to your clients' needs and your business goals. It's all about making your schedule work for you.

Moreover, the date overrides option is also ready to use. It helps you set specific hours for availability on that day or mark yourself entirely unavailable.

Take control with new session restrictions

Say hello to greater control.

To further enhance your control over your schedule, we've introduced new session restrictions.

These include:

  • Minimum notice: The minimum notice feature allows you to set how far in advance a session needs to be booked. This ensures that you always have sufficient time to prepare for each session.
  • Frequency limits: The frequency limit allows you to control how often a particular session can be booked, preventing overbooking and ensuring that you have enough time for all your commitments.
  • Future booking limits: The future booking limit allows you to control how far in advance your sessions can be booked, providing you with certainty over your future schedule.
  • Time-slot intervals: The time-slot interval feature allows you to decide the intervals between available time slots, giving you the flexibility to schedule breaks between sessions.

These features are your allies in managing your schedule more efficiently, preventing overbooking, and ensuring you have ample time to prepare for each session.

Simplified recurring sessions

We're simplifying your life.

We've also made significant enhancements to our recurring session feature!

Previously only available for group sessions, you can now set up recurring sessions for any type of session you offer. This means less manual scheduling for you and a more streamlined booking process for your clients.

Plus, clients can now book and pay for all recurring sessions in one click. It simplifies the booking process for your clients and ensures that you have a consistent and predictable schedule.

This feature is particularly useful if you offer sessions that need to be attended regularly over a period of time, such as courses or long-term consultation services.

Improved client scheduling experience

Guests in Sessions

Invite more, reach more.

In our continuous effort to make Profi more accessible and user-friendly, we've introduced a feature that allows you to enable Guests for Scheduled Sessions and even recurrent events.

This feature allows both professionals and clients to invite individuals who are not registered on Profi to join your sessions as guests. This could be particularly useful when a client wants to invite others from their team to a session. Professionals can also invite additional guests, but a client must be invited first. Guests are optional participants who can add more perspectives and value to your sessions.

This feature is designed to help you expand your reach and engage with potential clients who might be interested in your services but are not yet ready to create an account. It's perfect for Discovery sessions and reaching a wider audience!

Client scheduling without account creation

Streamlining the booking process.

We understand that not all clients may be ready to create an account right away. To cater to these clients, we've made it possible for them to schedule sessions without the need to create an account.

This feature is particularly useful for Discovery sessions, where potential clients may want to experience your services before fully committing.

By removing the need for account creation, we've made the booking process quicker and more convenient for your clients.

Packages & programs upgrades

Recurring package sessions

Simplifying session management.

We've made significant enhancements to our package sessions!

Previously, you could only schedule one-off package sessions. Now, you can schedule recurring package sessions, which means you can set up multiple sessions that occur at regular intervals. This is a great way to ensure consistency and progress over time with your clients.

We've also made it easier for you to manage these sessions by allowing you to schedule them directly from the Calendar.

This means you no longer have to navigate to the Clients tab in Packages to schedule these sessions. You can do it all from your Calendar, making the process more streamlined and efficient.

Group sessions in programs

Catering to diverse client needs.

We've expanded our program sessions feature to include Group sessions!

In our continuous effort to simplify and streamline our platform, we've merged Individual and Group sessions into a single concept: Sessions.

It means you can now add both individual and group sessions to a program, simply by offering seats in the Session template setting. This allows you to cater to a wider range of client needs and preferences within a single program.

In addition, we've given more control to Admins and Hosts over program sessions.

Previously, only clients were able to initiate program session scheduling. Now, Admins and Hosts can schedule program sessions. This lets you have more control over the scheduling process and ensures that sessions are scheduled at times that are convenient for both you and your clients.

This update simplifies the scheduling process and provides you with more flexibility to meet your clients' needs.

Additional features for Teams+

Round-robin session type

Streamlining team scheduling.

We're excited to introduce a new feature that's going to revolutionize the way your team schedules sessions: Round-robin.

This innovation allows for a more efficient distribution of sessions among team members. Instead of manually assigning sessions, the Round-robin session type automatically allocates sessions based on team members' availability. It ensures a fair distribution of sessions and maximizes the number of potential meetings booked.

Here's how it works: when clients go to book a session, they'll see the option to either book with the first available professional or select a specific one. This gives clients the flexibility to choose a time that suits them, while also ensuring an even distribution of sessions among your team.

This feature is a game-changer for teams, making the scheduling process smoother and more efficient.

Session edit permissions

Enhanced team management.

We've added new session edit permissions for admins and hosts to give you more control over your team's schedule.

These enhanced permissions allow admins and hosts to make necessary changes to sessions, further improving team management capabilities. Now, admins and hosts can easily adjust session details, ensuring the team's schedule is always up-to-date and accurate.

Video Conferencing

The new and convenient way for your clients to participate in video calls – right within Profi. In addition to the already familiar built-in Profi video conferencing features, you can now:

  1. Apply background video effects for a more casual and positive session atmosphere.
  2. Maintain session order by controlling participants through options like pinning, hiding, removing, and muting.
  3. Universal join links make it simpler for registered and unregistered users to access sessions. Coaches, clients, and their guests can join scheduled meetings at their convenience, as opposed to the previous requirement of waiting for the meeting to commence.
  4. Reduce background noise to help clients stay focused during sessions, ensuring a smooth experience.

Video Conferencing helps you effortlessly organize and conduct your coaching sessions, all within the same platform. The days of juggling multiple tools or platforms are over, as Profi now offers a streamlined and integrated environment for you and your clients.

But we're not stopping there. We're committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Over the next two months, we'll be rolling out even more enhancements to our scheduling functionality.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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