Profi + Money DNA: This Family Money Management Coach Streamlines Her Business With Profi

Family Finance Coach, Winnie Chen, founded Money DNA: a successful family finance coaching business. Winnie uses Profi Solo to build her business and connect more safely with her clients in more personalized ways. The DNA in the name stands for Development, Nourishment and Achievement, explaining the personal touch that clients looking for financial planning and money management advice can expect. Through personalized and private coaching sessions, group workshops, public tips, and engagement with the larger client group, Money DNA helps families make better financial decisions to achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

How Profi Powers Solopreneur Finance Coaching Pros:

  • use Profi's calendar and booking system to more easily schedule, reschedule, or postpone appointments.
  • leverage messaging sessions for real-time communications with clients and sharing notes after coaching sessions.
  • keep all communications safe and protected, thanks to Profi's encrypted platform.
  • combine the functionality of multiple tech platforms like Zoom and Calendly for easier management and client experience.

Explore how Profi can power your financial coaching business product or use a case in our live Q&A sessions.

Streamline Booking Processes For Finance Coaching Sessions

Money DNA's process works based on a series of consultations, from an initial 20-minute call to multiple deep dives, strategy sessions, and check-in calls. With many solutions, scheduling all of these meetings can be both time-consuming for the coach and frustrating for potential and current clients. In fact, the average coach spends 140 hours every year on scheduling and billing alone. 

Fortunately, as founder Winnie Chen shares, Profi can ease the pains and complications of that process:

The most important feature is the calendar and booking system. It allowed me to easily go through all bookings, going back and forth with the customer immediately to schedule, reschedule, or postpone any appointments.

The result: an easier onboarding and client management process that turns scheduling client sessions — typically one of the biggest bottlenecks and pain points for coaches — into a breeze.

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Turn Client Messaging Into a Breeze for Better, More Private Communication

Finance coaching might be built on individual sessions and meetings, but any experienced professional knows that the communication between those meetings matters just as much to help clients succeed. Profi Messaging has proven to be a key component of Money DNA's success. It allows coaches to seamlessly communicate with clients, improving the client experience through privately shared notes and individual session recordings. 

That's especially crucial considering that the #1 thing your clients want from you as a coach is a more personalized experience.

As Winnie Chen explains, the messaging feature with a free, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing solution is beneficial not just because of its smooth integration, but also for privacy reasons:

I truly believe that Profi is our preferred solution because we're able to provide a safe place for our community; not just for the coach itself, but also for our clients. For safety reasons, having that encrypted meeting room is crucial, especially because it allows us to record client sessions to share with them. 

Integrate Your Tech Stack to Simplify Your Client Experience

Money DNA started out as a Zoom-focused business, using the widely popular video platform for coaching sessions. But that meant also having to rely on scheduling software like Calendly, not to mention the necessary tools for messaging between meetings.

Thanks to Profi, the challenges of managing a growing tech stack as a solopreneur begins to disappear. Or, as Winnie Chen puts it,

In the past, we've used many different platforms to run our business. Thanks to Profi, we don't need to utilize multiple platforms anymore. 

Instead, I can remove Calendly and Zoom from the equation. That allows me to be more streamlined and that benefit trickles to my clients. They're used to a single platform, and they like to engage with us in this simpler way.

When we used multiple platforms, they would feel hesitation or confusion with the technology, coming back to me or the platform provider to seek clarity. Now, they feel positive and confident in the ease of the experience.

Of course, Money DNA isn't alone. An overview of the typical program delivery tools used by coaches reveals just how broad and overwhelming the cross-section of solutions and platforms can become. The opportunity to streamline this part of the process can lead to a major business and client experience improvement.

Explore how Profi can power your financial coaching business product or use case in our live Q&A sessions.