Profi + Trans4mation: How Trans4mation leverages Profi to enhance the client experience, achieving more in customer engagement and satisfaction

Brittany Tew

It was just kind of everything was all over the place. We had Google Drive. We used Gmail for our email. And then we had Zoom for the calendars and then trying to find ways for our clients to put all of their materials together and have home for everything, essentially.

So I think it was most challenging for us to create some kind of seamless experience for our client. It was that and just trying to figure out how we're gonna put everything together.

How are we gonna market this? Cause we're building these programs. And if it's a six-month to eight-month program, how are we gonna build this to where it's a really great seamless experience for everybody?

That's kind of when Profi came into place. And honestly, when we got in touch with you guys, it was just something that we had never experienced before. It's like that really personal one-on-one experience that takes you through the whole process about the platform.

Here we are. We're gonna build it with you. We're gonna show you from the start because it can be overwhelming. We were already overwhelmed. I don't want to be even further overwhelmed. I'm trying to figure out how to make this seamless.

Michele Madore

One thing I like is that before, even with the backend using so many different places, I also, as the coach and the trainer, had to go to something, remember, and you're trying to keep it all together. And then you get more and more clients.

So I'm having to pull up Canva or some other thing, or, you know, or NAP. I'm just in Profi. I can actually share the material when we're having this session. I can see all my clients in a program.

I can search programs, see all my clients there. I can do everything in the session in Profi, which I love because it's much easier for me if I have a busy day to just know I can go there and everything there.

Brittany Tew

And we don't have to search through your email for 20 minutes trying to find something, you know, an exam that somebody sent you or something like that. It's all uploaded right there.

When I explain Profi to somebody, I say, you know, this is our new, all-in-one kind of learning platform. So this is gonna be what you're gonna use from the start. You know, we're gonna get you enrolled in here. They don't have to go over here and pay. They can pay right there.

All you have to do is put your email and password in, create your account, and then everything lives in there. So all of your calendar invites, so you can join the session directly from there. And all of the content, it's a whole path that you follow.

Everything's gonna live in one place. If you wanna request a call with Michelle, for example, if you wanna request a coaching session, everything is available to you in one place.