Profi + Whole Human Institute: Revolutionizing Workplace Mental Health Care with Profi

Whole Human Institute uses Profi to streamline and enhance their workplace mental health coaching services, providing their clients with access to a one-stop-shop platform that offers a range of tools, resources, and best practices, allowing them to feel like more of a "whole human.”

Boosting Workplace Wellness: How Profi Took Whole Human Institute's Mental Health Care to the Next Level

  • Streamlined platform 🚀

Whole Human Institute was able to use Profi as a one-stop-shop for all their coaching needs, from program design to communication with clients. This allowed them to save time and increase efficiency, ultimately helping them provide better service to their clients.

  • HIPAA-compliant platform 🔒

By using Profi's HIPAA-compliant platform, Whole Human Institute was able to ensure that their clients' sensitive information was kept secure and protected. This helped build trust with clients and establish the Institute as a reliable source for mental health coaching.

  • Flexibility to adapt 🧘‍♂️

Profi's flexibility allowed Whole Human Institute to make adjustments as needed, such as activating new advisors to meet demand within the space. This allowed the Institute to stay nimble and adapt to changes in the workplace and the needs of their clients.

  • Improved client experience 👍

With features like the calendar function and secure messaging, Whole Human Institute was able to provide a better experience for their clients. Clients could easily see availability and communicate with their coach through a secure channel, which helped build trust and improve engagement in the coaching program.

  • Enhanced program offerings  📈

Using Profi's platform, Whole Human Institute can provide tools like articles, videos, and exercises that support clients' mental health journey. This adds value to the coaching program and empowers clients to take ownership of their mental wellbeing.

Streamline Your Practice & Experience a One-Stop-Shop for Coaching Needs

Whole Human Institute has greatly benefited from the use of Profi's streamlined platform. With everything from the coaching programs, tools, resources, and best practices all in one place, the platform has allowed for a more efficient and organized process. This has led to a more streamlined and enjoyable experience for both the coaches and clients.

Having everything centralized in one place has also made it easier for the coaches to manage their clients' progress and goals. They are able to quickly track and adjust programs as needed, and the Secure Messaging feature makes it easy to communicate with clients without having to use external email or messaging platforms.

The streamlined platform also allows for easier scheduling and booking of sessions. The Calendar feature allows coaches to block off times when they are unavailable and show their availability for clients to schedule appointments. This makes it easy for clients to find available times that work for them and helps coaches manage their schedules more efficiently.

Overall, the streamlined platform has helped Whole Human Institute deliver a more efficient and organized coaching experience, leading to improved client satisfaction and better results.

“We were looking for a platform that was really a one-stop shop. I wanted it to have the features and capabilities to allow me to exist solely on the platform as much as possible. Profi checked all of those boxes pretty much right out of the gates.”

- Sarah Lucas, Head Advisor for Whole Human Institute

Gain Trust & Credibility with Profi’s HIPAA-compliant Platform

At the Whole Human Institute, they take the privacy and security of their clients' personal and sensitive information seriously. 

With the implementation of Profi, Whole Human Institute gains a significant benefit in the form of a HIPAA-compliant platform. This means that clients can rest assured that their data and communication will remain confidential and secure, providing them with a sense of safety and protection.

Mental health and wellbeing are personal and sensitive issues, and it's important that clients feel comfortable sharing their information and experiences. Profi's HIPAA compliance ensures that the Whole Human Institute's coaching program is a trustworthy space for clients to discuss their most intimate struggles and receive personalized support.

Profi's HIPAA compliance also ensures that the Whole Human Institute is fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations governing the handling of sensitive medical information. This means that they’re is protected from potential legal action and that clients can have peace of mind, knowing that their information is being handled ethically and legally.

“The mentality of self-care being unproductive is starting to change as more companies adopt this mindset, and understand that taking care of one's mental, physical, and emotional well-being ultimately leads to better productivity and prevents burnout. 
I think that helps, but there's still a lot of us having to address that with them in the space and emphasize the fact that we're a third-party company, and they can feel safe and protected knowing we use Profi, our HIPAA compliant platform.”

- Sarah Lucas, Head Advisor for Whole Human Institute

Stay Agile & Responsive to Your Clients' Needs with Profi's Flexibility

Profi has been an incredible asset for the Whole Human Institute, giving them the flexibility they need to stay agile and adapt to the fast-paced world of business. This level of adaptability has been crucial for them to remain competitive in their industry and meet the ever-changing needs of their clients.

With Profi, the Whole Human Institute has been able to make necessary adjustments with ease. They can respond quickly to changes in the workplace, as well as the needs of their clients. This flexibility has allowed them to pivot and make changes as required, ensuring they always offer the best service possible.

Profi's user-friendly design and efficient onboarding process have made it easy for the Whole Human Institute to activate new advisors quickly. As demand for their services has grown, they have been able to add new advisors to their team with ease, making sure they always have the capacity to serve their clients.

Profi's flexible design has also enabled the Institute to tailor their platform to meet their specific needs. This customization has allowed them to create a unique experience for their clients, providing them with a personalized and intuitive platform. 

By leveraging the flexibility of Profi, Whole Human Institute has been able to build a platform that is easy to use and tailored to the needs of their clients.

“[We have] 10 advisors and counting. I have some training, so not all of them are active right now. We activate them to meet the demand within the space, which is another nice thing about Profi, its flexibility whenever you have to make adjustments like that.”

- Sarah Lucas, Head Advisor for Whole Human Institute

Get the Most Out of Your Coaching Program with Profi's Client-Focused Features

When it comes to providing an exceptional client experience, Whole Human Institute has been able to leverage Profi's features to great effect. 

For example, through the use of Profi's Calendar function, clients have been able to easily schedule coaching sessions based on their availability, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient process. This has made it easier for clients to receive the support they need when they need it, without having to worry about scheduling conflicts.

Profi's Secure Messaging system has also played a vital role in improving the client experience. 

By providing a secure and private channel for communication between clients and coaches, Whole Human Institute has been able to build trust with their clients and foster stronger relationships. Clients feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns when they know that their information is protected and kept confidential.

The messaging system has also enabled coaches to stay in touch with their clients between sessions, providing additional support and answering any questions they may have. This has helped to keep clients engaged in the coaching program and motivated to achieve their goals.

“I use everything I can in Profi. We build out our services there, the programs are all built out on their shared with clients that way, and Secure Messaging is amazing. I don't have to ever get off of Profi to write an email. It's just a nice all-in-one platform. I just have to log in. So, it's pretty seamless.”
“The Calendar feature that allows you to block days off or books available hours when you need them is incredible. I can just say every Wednesday, for example, I'm unavailable for sessions, and instead of having to communicate individually with all your clients, they can just see your availability. It's very systematic.”

- Sarah Lucas, Head Advisor for Whole Human Institute

Expand Your Coaching Offerings with Profi's Comprehensive Toolset

Whole Human Institute has recently transformed its coaching program by leveraging Profi's platform to provide a remote, one-on-one coaching program to all Hudson's Bay Company personnel. 

The program follows a structured curriculum centered around the Institute's 10 pillars of high-performance living, which are categories of health and wellness coaches that are organized like chapters. Each chapter contains an evidence-based curriculum of tools, resources, handouts, and best practices, and typically focuses on one to three health-related areas with one client.

To introduce the program, Whole Human Institute conducts advisor-led workshops to help demystify and answer any questions about the program. Clients are given a QR code that directs them to the Institute's landing page, where they can learn more about their head advisor and the program offering, and book a complimentary consultation.

Whole Human Institute offers a range of resources to its clients, including insightful articles, engaging videos, and tailored exercises, which are accessible at any time and from any location. 

This personalized approach caters to different learning styles and preferences, helping clients achieve their goals in a way that works best for them. 

By offering such a variety of resources, Whole Human Institute has not only increased the value of its coaching program but also empowered clients to take ownership of their mental health and wellbeing.

“We offer a remote, one-on-one coaching program that revolves around our 10 pillars of high-performance living. In each chapter, you can dive into an evidence-based curriculum of tools, resources, handouts, and best practices. 
We [also] do advisor-led workshops within the space to not only just get my face in front of them, but also help communicate about the one-on-one advising program we’re offering to demystify and answer any questions. 
Then, we offer them a QR code and they're able to go to our landing page, learn more about me as their head advisor, learn more about the program offering, and book a complimentary consultation.”

- Sarah Lucas, Head Advisor for Whole Human Institute

With Profi by their side, Whole Human Institute is ready to bring a new level of innovation to workplace mental health care and empower employees to prioritize their well-being like never before.