Profi + Believe Crew: Believe Crew’s phenomenal growth is all thanks to Profi’s corporate feature that helped them manage group and individual sessions

Jamie White  

So, I felt called to solve this problem in the world, not sure how to solve it. And bringing coaches together to help provide that space for people to have that one-on-one coaching, and like really wanting to see coaches be able to make money in the coaching business. 

I love to start with software, which is why I partnered with Profi right away. 

I was like, “Okay, I see a vision, I need the software.” Because what I found in other industries, is that software companies are more involved in those industries than I am. So, they know things I don't know, and they're solving problems for multiple customers. Maybe, I could be running my business better, or differently, if I'm considering the software. So, I like to do demos on software, that's kind of how I would get started in these other industries. 

And because with Profi, we can kind of package things together — group sessions and individual sessions. We're packaging coaches, multiple coaches in multiple packages, because we have the corporate version of Profi where we can do the team building. And so, our coaches are partnering with clients and offering individual sessions in addition to the group sessions.

One year ago, I didn't have a setup like this. I had Profi before I had headphones. Well, maybe not quite! It was maybe right at the same time because we were launching the podcast really close after. 

But what I love about using Profi is that then we can turn them into blogs, we use to turn them into written because I'm actually not a podcast listener even though I host and guest, but I love being able to read the content, if I want to skim it.

Committing to something like a software system makes it so that even if the going gets tough, you have something to kind of go back to. 

Because I made the commitment to invest in Profi at a level that was more than what I would have needed to invest in some of the other software because we went to that corporate model. But it continues to help me hold the vision high and I’m like, “I need to figure out what value is here.” 

You know, sometimes when we pay for something, it helps us look for the value. At least for myself, that’s what I’ve found. I needed to pay that price because I needed to invest in myself and in the business in this way, and then I’ll look for that value.