Profi + Brilliantio: This Coaching Business Teaches the Art & Science of Storytelling With Profi

Brilliantio is a creativity coaching business that aims to help professional writers hone in on the finer aspects of storytelling. Founder Paul Jenkins, an award-winning international documentary filmmaker, has found his niche by using media from podcasts to a popular newsletter, to teach his students (consisting of professional writers and filmmakers) that everyone can become a masterful storyteller. His goal for his students: a fuller understanding of educating and empowering storytelling that has the potential to change lives. 

How Profi Powers Solopreneur Creative Coaching Pros:

  • intuitive to use for creators, coaches, instructors, and clients.
  • easy access to the platform and its materials for any clients and students, regardless of technological savvy.
  • robust messaging system for students to get in touch with coaches and for coaches to drive relationships.
  • strong video components to host live sessions and recorded sessions, including integrated reminders for live sessions and workshops.
  • reliable platform with a strong team behind it and a development pathway that aligns with coaches looking to scale their business over time.

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Easily Create, Host, and View Video Sessions and Workshops for All Student Types

As a company dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling and communications, Brilliantio required a solution that could hold up to its promise on the visual end. Several different solutions, from WordPress to other third-party platforms, weren't up to the task and the keen eye of the company's founder.

Enter Profi, a solution that stood out to Jenkins because of its robust backend, the team behind it, and plenty of experience in developing integrated solutions for coaches. The result: a platform specifically designed to make the process of creating, hosting, and viewing video sessions easy for everyone involved.

Jenkins sums it up like this:

The process of using the platform as both the creator and coach or instructor is super intuitive, pulling everything together in a clear fashion on a single page. The platform is reliable and a pleasure to use, for everyone involved.

In other words, the platform was a strong enough alternative to solutions Brilliantio had previously tried that Jenkins felt confident to bring a segment of his 38,000 student audience into the experience and now give it a firm endorsement for other coaches.  

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Establish Strong Coach-Student Relationships Through Messaging Integrations

Profi, of course, is about more than just video conferencing. Coaching businesses succeed or fail based on their ability to build relationships with their students, going far beyond webinars, podcasts, or recorded sessions to add value. It's why client communication and booking are among the biggest tech challenges for most service providers. 

This is where Profi Messaging shines. Jenkins and Brilliantio have been able to build deep, meaningful relationships with their audience of writers and filmmakers thanks to a platform that makes getting in touch and communicating on both sides easy. In his words,

Clients can easily access the platform, materials, and messaging solution. They intuitively understand how to message their coach and see any messages that come back to them. The messaging platform even offers reminders for the life sessions and workshops, making sure my students are always in the know and can always reach out for help.

As a result, Brilliantio can build a more in-depth relationship with professionals looking to apply storytelling in business, creating the potential for both increased student satisfaction and client retention instead of a focus on vanity metrics. Sales and marketing, a significant time suck for many coaches looking to build their business, becomes much easier in the process.

A Tailor-Made Solution for Coaches and Synchronous Education Providers

The story of Brilliantio is that of many professional coaches, who have tried to work with multiple platforms simultaneously to build a client experience that almost by nature is choppy. The integration of multiple services into a single solution has made Profi a natural choice for coaches like Jenkins.

Ultimately, Jenkins has been convinced by the intuitive nature of the solution, both for coaches and for their current and potential students. Or, as he puts it,

I'm happy to firmly endorse Profi. If you're in the business of providing coaching or synchronous education training materials, or if you are offering any kind of hybrid between those two services, then this is a platform you'll want to take a serious look at. It might just be the perfect solution for your business.

Explore how Profi can power your creative coaching business product or use a case in our live Q&A sessions.