Profi + Sleepably: This Sleep Clinic Uses Profi to Enhance Client Experience & Increase Conversion Rate

Sleepably uses Profi  to streamline the business processes for its professional sleep coaching services. Sleep coaches Rebecca Schlegel, Seth Davis, and Sara Nudd help patients with challenges sleeping get a good night's rest. From pediatric to adult sleep coaching, Sleepably’s mission is to help its patients rest easier and wake up more refreshed.

How Profi Powers Sleep and Wellness Consultancy Pros:

  • increase client conversion rates through more natural processes
  • streamline operations, thanks to it's all-in-one platform
  • enhance the customer journey and experience
  • reduce the time spent on each client to achieve satisfaction
  • eliminate scheduling errors while offering a 24-hour coaching session booking solution

Streamline Your Business Within One Platform

The decision to use Profi has been transformative for Sleepably. Before implementing the platform, both coaches and clients struggled with the inefficiencies of struggling to shift from one platform to the next. Profi’s comprehensive platform significantly increased the day-to-day efficiency of its business operations, helping the clinic work smarter, not harder

The net result: it’s easier to sign up new clients, while at the same time streamlining processes in a way that more clearly shows and promotes services ranging from coaching sessions to public content. Clients can find what they’re looking for faster, while coaches can address their needs and questions without delay. 

As Seth Davis, Founder and CEO of Sleepably, puts it, the scalability of the platform as the business grew made a long-term partnership with Profi a natural choice: 

"When I saw the lifetime deal for Profi, I instantly saw  potential to replace our legacy system and to bring more parts of my business under one platform. I could instantly visualize what we’d be able to do to make operations easier, both when signing up new clients and working with current clients.”

Showcase Your Coaching and Payment Options

Converting first-time visitors to clients is a natural priority for most wellness coaches. Before Profi, Sleepably would encounter visitors who experienced trouble getting enough sleep making inquiries about its solutions and pricing, but never taking action beyond that. What Davis thought to be a natural hesitancy for an audience just not ready to commit actually proved to be an inefficiency on its platform.

When Sleepably started using Profi, it was able to leverage a neater and more organized display of its coaching packages and payment options. Clients could now intuitively scroll through their options and make a selection, while coaches could easily direct clients to its offering pages. The result has been significant:

" Profi's attractive display of the packages and payment options was crucial in helping  more people convert and sign on for my services."

Connect with Clients Using Profi's Built-In Video Platform

Especially pediatric sleep consultants have to be consistently available for their clients. Effective communication lines are just as important as easy access to key data. However, many coaches encounter challenges with phone calls, video chat, and other communication methods thanks to a lack of synchronization. Toggling between the communication platform and other platforms reduces the quality of sessions as well as patient outcomes.

Time management and productivity tools, as effective as they might be, are simply not enough. Since switching to Profi, Sleepably’s patient outcomes have improved in no small part due to its built-in video platform. Davis sums it up:

“One of the things I genuinely love about Profi is that it comes with a video platform, allowing me to access other features while I engage with clients. It’s easier to connect with clients and have that video chat tied into the rest of the platform, making things easier.”

The result: bookings for follow-up sessions, as well as clients gained through referrals, have gradually increased since moving to Profi.

Reduce Client Friction Through Scheduling and Calendar Features

In the pursuit of providing quality sleep advice, Sleepably offers not just  one-on-one sessions with clients but also virtual sleep seminars and a blog designed to provide extra information and  enlighten both future and current clients. 

Managing each content channel while giving each client enough facetime requires a lot of scheduling. Scheduling errors are common, forcing coaches into frequent last-minute rescheduling. Scheduling software becomes vital to avoid disappointed clients who might start looking for alternative solutions or different coaches. It’s a common problem many service providers face today

That’s why Davis has learned to love Profi’s built-in scheduling and calendar features:

“I don’t have to go off-platform or pay for other scheduling solutions to book sessions with clients. Instead of spending my time managing and avoiding client frustrations while trying to make different tools work together, I can focus on actual coaching and helping my clients get better sleep.” 

Save Non-Billable Time While Working More With Clients

Most wellness coaches bill by the hour or per session, meaning that revenues grow as sessions and client facetime increases. Conversely, bottlenecks and inefficiencies can significantly dampen earning potential. According to our survey, only 41% of an average coach’s time is actually spent on billable client service.

Of course, every coach knows how difficult it can be to keep the business running smoothly. Non-billable hours can be tedious and time-consuming, resulting in lower revenue. Thanks to its integrated platform, Profil helped Davis and Sleepably streamline the process and improve its bottom line:

“ Everything now takes place on one platform. In a few clicks, a client can find a suitable package, pay for it, and schedule a session when it suits them. With everything running smoothly in one place, we've noticed a significant improvement in client experiences. In addition, we are now saving 2 to 3 hours per client, affording me more time for sessions and increasing revenues.”

Scale Your Growing Coaching Business With Profi

For most coaching businesses, scaling is a top priority. As the initial rapid growth begins to plateau, finding new ways to streamline processes and improve the client experience becomes vital. As Davis puts it,

“I thought getting to the next level required huge investment and extensive marketing. But that wasn’t true. It turns out what Sleepably really needed was a better, more efficient way of doing things. The inefficiencies that came with using disjointed platforms cost us time, money, and opportunities. Profi streamlines all our key processes, increasing our conversion rates, improving the client experience, and managing more clients all at the same time.”

For Sleepably, the future's looking bright. And, thanks to Profi, this sleep coaching clinic is well-prepared to take on any challenge that the day (or night) might bring.