Profi Scheduling Software Recognized as a Leader & High Performer by G2 Analysts 2022

Our team at Profi is proud to be recognized as a “Leader,” "High Performer" and chosen by users and customers as a scheduling software users love in G2's Patient Scheduling Summer 2022 Report!

We're hard at work building the only holistic coaching platform for executive, life, health & wellness coaches, trainers, consultants and other professional service providers that integrates client scheduling with 1:1 and group sessions, packages and courses and programs on the same platform where solopreneurs, teams of coaches and coaching companies can host their service landing pages and blog, video and podcast content. Everything in one platform.

What each award means - 3 G2 badges awarded by analysts as part of summer Scheduling Software product category 2022 |

What Makes Us a Leader in G2's Patient Scheduling Software Report

What makes us a top 3 leader in health and wellness scheduling software?

1. We have high social, web, employee and user review data,
2. at least a year of momentum review data, and
3. a minimum of 10 reviews/ratings

To qualify in the patient scheduling software category, a software product must:

  • Provide self-service portals for patients to book and manage appointments
  • Track appointments, including changes and cancellations
  • Offer basic provider-facing appointment management functionality including color coding and drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Send to patients notifications and reminders of upcoming appointments
  • Facilitate the matching of patients with doctors based on diagnostic and treatment types

What Makes Us a High Performer in G2's Patient Scheduling Software Report

What makes us a high-performing health and wellness scheduling software?

1. We have high customer Satisfaction scores,
2. low Market Presence compared to the rest of the category, and
3. a minimum of 10 reviews/ratings as of May 31, 2022

With an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on G2, our platform has received some stellar user reviews around our health and wellness coach scheduling software like:

“One of the best apps I have used in over 10 years. Love it!” Peter H., Trainer & Speaker

Comprehensive customer reviews like this:

“A great modern platform for thought leaders, coaches and psychologists” Magnus M., Health & Wellness Digital Marketing Manager

And professional reviews like this:

“Amazing value for simplifying your consulting business.” John T., Psychologist Consultant

John T. goes on to share some pros and his reasons for choosing Profi as a consulting psychologist:

"Pros: I used it daily with my clients in my small practice and I'm sure offering a professional-lookin scheduling platform inspires confidence in my clients and makes their life easier too. The main problem it solves is providing an all-in-one solution, it saves me time, money and the headaches of juggling multiple apps for bookings, scheduling, and much more."
Reasons for Choosing Profi: Profi is quite an amazing value, it provides much more features than similar apps, and it has a beautiful minimal design, Profi keeps improving adding features that were promised at a slow but steady pace.

Thank you for making us a leader, a high performer AND a platform users love to use for integrated client scheduling!

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