This Subscription-based Wellness Consultancy Cut Admin Waste, Tripled Subscriptions and 60Xed Activations With Profi Network


The Company

Subscription-based health and wellness consultancy, Ikigai Consulting, is on a mission to provide a trusted and friendly support system to help Indonesians improve all aspects of their quality of life. Their consultancy uses Profi to create an open, curated wellbeing platform that allows psychologists, thought leaders and happiness experts to connect directly to their customers and form meaningful relationships.

Ikigai is a Network Service Reseller that uses Profi Network, our unified software solution for organizations of independent service providers who pay a subscription fee to offer their services — including individual and group sessions, packages and courses and programs — on our white label platform.

In Summary

When Ikigai Consulting discovered Profi, it was like love ♥️ at first sight. (And that’s in their words, not ours!) Their strained team of ten went from unsustainable, round-the-clock workdays to automating their coach booking and scheduling with Profi Calendar and Booking Widget. They combined and customized service delivery with Profi Services and Landing Pages. Used hybrid Profi Programs as lead magnets to convert visitors into new platform users at 60X the scale. 

The Challenge

Ikigai Consulting envisioned a culture-first company for its employees. And to meet the pandemic's critical mental and emotional health concerns heart-on, they needed to scale a subscription-based business model and plug-and-play platform for their clients that could quickly scale health and well-being access at pace. But technology overwhelm, unsustainable manual administrative overhead, and a lack of cohesion in the systems they were using put the vision and the business at risk.

The Outcome

In less than a year, using Profi Network:

  • allowed Ikigai to product-market fit their vision of creating an open mental health platform of wellbeing experts.
  • increased new client activations by 60X.
  • reduced admin time waste by 30 mins per client booking.
  • scaled subscriptions from 10 to 30+ coaches and consultants with the same team resources.
  • evolved to a program activation strategy, slashing their production time in half (from 1 month to 2 weeks) and doubling their leads with free, Profi-powered programs integrated with sessions as lead magnets.
  • reduced reliance on 3 separate tools to one unified platform integrated with Zoom.