3 More Coaching Software Wins: Category Leader, Frontrunner, and Shortlisted by Capterra

When we heard we'd been shortlisted for best coaching software by Capterra, we were grateful. When we learned we were "Frontrunners" in coaching software according to Software Advice's latest report, we were stoked. And when we found out we were awarded "Category Leaders" in coaching software by GetApp... we got even more motivated to build the best coaching platform for teams and coaching companies in the industry.

These awards — based largely on user feedback — make our jobs and our mission to help teams of coaches, trainers and consultants worth it!

We know our users recognize that we're building the only holistic coaching software for executive coaches, life coaches, health & wellness coaches, trainers, consultants and other professional service providers that integrates client scheduling with 1:1 and group sessions, packages and course-building in one platform for pros, no matter their size.

We're proud to build a software that scales with your service business at every stage of growth, scales with your business model, and the changing needs of service delivery.

Profi.io wins 3 more coaching software awards from GetApp, Software Advice and Capterra
Profi.io wins 3 more coaching software awards from GetApp, Software Advice and Capterra.

What Makes us a Category Leader in GetApp's Coaching Software Report

Check out all our GetApp awards and user reviews.

What makes us a coaching software category leader according to GetApp? We’re in the top 15 of 91 coaching software apps, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars! And we’ve scored 91 out of 100 total score in a comparison of top-ranking North American coaching software across these five key areas: 

  1. ease of use, 
  2. value for money, 
  3. functionality (including security and integrations), 
  4. customer support, and 
  5. likelihood to recommend.

Coaching software Category Leader criteria include:

Check out all our GetApp awards and user reviews.
  1. Profi.io has a minimum of 20 published product user reviews within the last year,
  2. We’ve scored a minimum normalized rating of 4.5/5 stars across the five key areas listed above (our average is 4.8 stars), and
  3. Our product offers required category functionality, serves North America and is relevant to users across industries: from coaching solopreneurs to growing coaching teams and companies, training companies and consulting firms.

To qualify in the coaching software category, a software must:

  • Provide features unique to coaching software like a client portal with secure login, video conferencing, attendance tracking, online payments, billing and invoicing, and HIPAA compliance
  • Provide coaching practice management features like online booking, appointment scheduling and management, booking management, self-service/automated scheduling, alerts and notifications, availability management, calendar syncing and management, chat and messaging management, client or customer history, group scheduling
  • Provide Web forms, templates, Website integration, surveys and feedback, customizable forms, built-in course authoring, asynchronous learning, assessment management and more.

What Makes us a Frontrunner in Software Advice's Coaching Software Report

What makes us a top-performing coaching software according to Software Advice? Our users share their reviews with Software Advice, giving us:

  1. high customer satisfaction scores, including user ratings for our customer support, a high likelihood for our users to recommend our coaching software, and high value for the money,
  2. high usability scores from customers for ease of use and functionality, and
  3. they’ve shared their review within the last 2 years.

To qualify in Software Advice’s coaching software category, a software must

  • provide common coaching software features like billing and invoicing, client management, scheduling, and session notes.
  • work across use cases for life coaches and business coaches, for example.
  • increase client satisfaction, help coaches keep themselves and their clients accountable, and enhance client visibility with integration capabilities and the ability to flex with your business as it grows.

What Puts us on Capterra's Shortlist for Coaching Software

According to Capterra, their Shortlisted products are “the highest scoring products in both popularity and user ratings” and “are generally products that have been around for a while and are loved by their users.” Awww shucks! Thanks, Capterra.

1. We’re #5 on their shortlist with an average 4.8 out of 5-star user rating,

2. with a 35/40 popularity score based on search trends and Web presence, and

3. a 48/50 user ratings score.

See our scores across coaching software categories and user reviews on our Capterra page.

Snapshot of What our Users are Saying Across Capterra, Software Advice and GetApp

With an overall average user rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars across Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp, our coaching software platform has a few user reviews we’d love to boast about:

"Top notch in all aspects of use, features and Profi support. Works perfectly and has revolutionised my business bookings, client service and presentations."

"Not having to think about reminding customers of their upcoming appointments, switching to Zoom, or sending emails is a total lifesaver for our coaching/implementation team.- It's clean, professional and easy to use for our team and our SEO customers.- Profi's support team is superb. They're always there to help us.” Vira S., PR Specialist

"Profi was really quick and easy to set up (calendar, services, clients, forms, landing page ...). It has a beautiful, clean interface and is a pleasure to use every day.” Jessica Anne L., E-Learning

"What I love about profi is that I don't have to think about anything that it's not my work and knowledge. I can setup a profi account and start selling and serving my clients in 30 min or less. Everything is really well thought. It's smooth and safe. Pages load fast, information is organized, clients data is secure, price is fair. I love apps and software but I don't have the time or patience to learn and keep a complicated business. I just want something that works and allows me to have free time while earning a comfortable income and profi does that. Everything "business" is assured.” Catarina L., Business Consultant

"Their customer success team has been a great resource for us in the implementation phase. We also like the clean and intuitive UI/UX and the broad set of features.” Alexander D., HR

Thank you for making us one of your top choices for coaching software.

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