Podcast: Helping Coaches Build Scalable Businesses Through Technology — An Interview with Alina Trigubenko, Founder & CEO of Profi

In the Podcast "Career Coaching Xs and Os" - Episode 34, Mark interviews Alina Trigubenko, Business Development Executive for the Profi Coaching Platform. Profi helps coaches by providing them with our all-in-one business management platform, insights, and best practices to scale their organizations. We built our platform to accommodate all growth stages for coaches and grow with them. In our discussions, Alina reveals that coaches spend forty-three percent of their time on un-billable work – mainly because they lack appropriate systems to interface with their clients.


About the Guest:

Alina Trigubenko has BA from Lomonosov Moscow State University and Goethe Institute Moscow. She has a Master's Degree in Cultural Resource Management from the Russian State University of Humanitarian Arts. Ms. Trigubenko served on the leadership team for Consciousness Hacking and was a Cofounder of Transformational Food. Alina was a producer and board member at War & Peace Media Group and a producer at AirPano.com.

Profi is on the mission to provide tech enablement, digital infrastructure, all in one secure platform for those who support others, providing psychological and emotional relief to those affected by catastrophes.

Three of our executive leadership members have miraculously survived disasters:

✨ Our founder, Alina, miraculously survived an earthquake and the subsequent landslide during an expedition.

✨ Suren survived an earthquake where over 80 thousand people died.

✨ Our former CTO, Alex, was a refugee, lost his family, and experienced war and displacement.

The leadership team at Profi has experienced what it means to lose everything. We feel close to people who've endured disasters, and feel the urge to support survivors during these difficult times by organizing this campaign.

Timely processed traumatic experiences can change the lives of several generations for the better.

Profi Tech Specs:

HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing built-in, secure messaging, courses, programs, automated reminders and notifications, forms, surveys and journalling, advanced personal information visibility controls, multi-provider workflows, integrated booking, scheduling, and marketplace side/directory, community/forum, and so on, plus high configurability to fit different workflows.

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