How to Find Depression and Mental Health Support When You Need it Most

A Month for all Things Mental Health

For all you fellow professional service providers out there, I wanted to stop in and share with you — if you didn't already know. October is Health Literacy Month.

And, there's actually a lot of mental health-specific things going on this month including National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month along with Mental Illness Awareness Week in the first week of October leading up to World Mental Health Day on Saturday, October 10.

Profis Know Mental Health Support. Here's How You Can Get to Know Them

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”
— Jack Kornfield

Our professional service providers who use Profi really care about supporting mental health, fostering and educating on mental health awareness, and counseling and coaching on feelings like depression, anxiety and all of the myriad of difficult feelings that we feel as humans being alive on this planet.

So this month we wanted to draw your attention to our Profi Marketplace of professional service providers and all of the awesome content they create in support of mental health literacy including depression, anxiety and general mental health and wellbeing.

Using Profi Marketplace’s Tagging to Find The Right Mental Health Support for You or Your Client

Using mental health tags to filter Profi Marketplace content | mental health support for service providers

Our Marketplace of professionals using Profi presents like a blog, but with a built-in tagging system that allows you to quickly filter health and wellness content (including articles, videos and podcasts) down to focus on what you really need right now.

So, follow along in the tutorial above, or use these steps below to find the right mental health help you need right now.

Step 1: Navigate to Profi’s Marketplace of Professional Service Providers

First, you’ll need to navigate to our Marketplace blog by clicking this link or entering into your browser’s search bar.

Step 2: Filter Through Content Fast Using Our Tagging Feature

To save yourself time (and your precious energy), try our tag search as demoed in the tutorial video above or follow along with the steps outlined below. 

Select tags to filter content on Profi Marketplace | mental health support for service providers

You can use our Marketplace tag search in 2 ways:

First, you want to select the + Tags button in the top right corner of the Marketplace blog.

Then, you can filter mental health support content by either:

  1. Selecting existing tags with a mouse click or tap that are organized into scrollable categories including Emotional Wellness, Mental Wellness, Corporate & Organizational to name a few.
  2. Or entering your own keywords into the tag search bar at the top of the tags pop-up to zero in on topics and needs specific to you or your client’s (or organization’s) needs.

Or, you can focus on a specific type of content: like Profi Marketplace blog articles, Profi Wiki content or podcasts using the menu at the top left.

Profi Marketplace navigation by content type | mental health support for service providers

Since its Depression and Mental Health Screening Month, you’ll want to make sure to include tags like "depression" and other difficult emotions that you might be experiencing like "anxiety" and "fear" as well as just generally "mental health" topics. You can also take this depression self-assessment if you’re not quite sure of how you're feeling.

Once you select or search the tags you're looking for, you'll notice different types of content from our professional service providers including:

Profi Wiki of health and wellness modalities | mental health help for service professionls
  • Health topics on our Wiki – which are brief descriptions of health modalities and approaches to wellbeing
  • Articles – written health support content
  • Videos
  • Podcast audio content

So you’ll find tips, articles, audio and visual support from other professionals in the industry focused on mental health and wellbeing.

Step 3: Book Time With Health and Wellness Professionals

Profi service provider marketplace profile | mental health help for service professionals | World Mental Health Day Oct

Mental health support awareness and education are just the tippy-tips of the wellbeing iceberg. 

To work with other professional service providers who specialize in the areas you’re searching, peruse their full professional bios and book a session with them directly from the article, podcast or video you’ve found helpful.

Supporting You Supports Others

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”
— Eleanor Brown

So, that’s all for now. Hopefully, this is a helpful mental health resource for you and for your clients (and the teams and organizations each of us work with). 

And at Profi, we hope this month you can take some time to check in with yourself and really check out professional service provider community content in our Marketplace.

Here’s to a month full of your own awareness about your mental health and wellbeing.

And a month of asking for the support you need, too.

Because we know that when you get the mental health support and resources you need, you’ll find more resources and resilience for your clients.

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