3 More Course Authoring Software Wins: Category Leader, Frontrunner, and Shortlisted by Capterra

When we heard we'd been shortlisted for best course authoring software by Capterra, we were grateful. When we learned we were "Frontrunners" in course authoring software, according to Software Advice's latest report, we were stoked. And when we found out we were awarded "Category Leaders" in course authoring software by GetApp... we got even more motivated to build the best training platform for teams and training companies in the industry.

These awards — based largely on user feedback — make our jobs and our mission to help teams of coaches, trainers and consultants worth it!

We know our users recognize that we're building the only holistic training software for executive coaches, life coaches, health & wellness coaches, trainers, consultants and other professional service providers that integrates client scheduling with 1:1 and group sessions, packages and course authoring in one platform, no matter the size of their training or coaching business.

We're proud to build a software that scales with your service business at every stage of growth, scales with your training business model, and the changing needs of course and program delivery.

Profi.io wins 3 more course authoring software awards from GetApp, Software Advice and Capterra
Profi.io wins 3 more course authoring software awards from GetApp, Software Advice and Capterra.

What Makes us a Category Leader in GetApp's Coaching Software Report

Profi.io GetApp Category Leaders Course Authoring 2022

What makes us a course authoring software category leader according to GetApp? We’re ranked number 7 in the top 15 of 177 course authoring software apps, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars! And we’ve scored 84 out of 100 total score in a comparison of top-ranking North American course authoring software across these five key areas: 

  1. ease of use, 
  2. value for money, 
  3. functionality (including security and integrations), 
  4. customer support, and 
  5. likelihood to recommend.

Coaching software Category Leader criteria include:

GetApps category leaders in course offer no 7 Profi
Check out all our GetApp awards and user reviews.
  1. Profi.io has a minimum of 20 published product user reviews within the last year,
  2. We’ve scored a minimum normalized rating of 4.5/5 stars across the five key areas listed above (our average is 4.8 stars), and
  3. Our product offers required category functionality, serves North America and is relevant to users across industries: from course authoring solopreneurs to growing course authoring teams and companies, training companies and consulting firms.
Profi.io course authoring user ratings on GetApp

To qualify in the course authoring software category, a software must:

  • Provide features unique to course authoring software like a client portal with secure login, video conferencing, attendance tracking, online payments, billing and invoicing, and HIPAA compliance
  • Provide course authoring practice management features like online booking, appointment scheduling and management, booking management, self-service/automated scheduling, alerts and notifications, availability management, calendar syncing and management, chat and messaging management, client or customer history, group scheduling
  • Provide Web forms, templates, Website integration, surveys and feedback, customizable forms, built-in course authoring, asynchronous learning, assessment management and more.



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