Top 10 Coaching tools for Your Online Practice Management

Coaching tools - What are they exactly?

Coaches need to use a variety of tools to manage their businesses. These coaching tools can help them connect with their clients, streamline processes, and scale their offerings. We analyzed different tools and techniques, like forms, calendars, and video conferencing and payment tools, to give coaches an overview of the coaching tools that are available online, how much they cost, and how they can use them to manage their businesses.

We divided this article into three main categories: client acquisition tools, coaching management tools, and coaching assessment tools. All these coaching tools and techniques offer different benefits to coaches. The objective of the article is to provide coaches with the information they need regarding coaching tools and allow them to make the best decision when it comes to choosing what tools they can use to manage and grow their businesses.

Client acquisition tools

The coaching tools that allow coaches to acquire new clients are critical to the success of their businesses. There are different tools that coaches can use to get discovered online, attract new clients, and onboard them. From building a website to provide clients with information about the practice and approach to intake forms to better understand the needs of clients - all these coaching tools and techniques offer the opportunity to strengthen message and offering.

Website builders

Website builders are tools that professionals use to create their websites. These coaching tools are easy to use because they don’t require manual code editing. Coaches need to have a website to introduce clients to their backgrounds and practice and give clients all the information they need to connect with them. The most popular website builder services include Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, GoDaddy, and Wordpress. Most of them offer free trials and then require a monthly or yearly payment.

Website builders

Coaching intake form

A coaching intake form is a document that clients fill out with their personal information and requested services before starting the professional relationship with their coaches. This form is usually given to clients before the contract agreement. Coaches use these forms to have a better idea of what their clients want and create a plan that fits their needs. Forms vary depending on the area of expertise of the coach.

A coaching intake form
Personal Professional Goals


A blog is one of the best free coaching tools to share knowledge and tips with a wider audience. Coaches can write articles to help people improve their personal and professional lives on a weekly or monthly basis. As they publish more content and develop a readership, they can also get more opportunities to be discovered online. Coaches can start to blog on their websites, that they can easily create using the services we mentioned above.

A blog is one of the best free coaching tools

Coaching management tools

Coaching management tools allow coaches to simplify and automate processes.These tools are essential to manage a coaching business because they help coaches to schedule sessions with clients, talk to them via video conference, and receive payments. These processes are the core of a coaching business and they need to happen smoothly and efficiently.


Coaching management tool

Profi is an all-in-one coaching management tool that helps coaches run and grow their businesses. On the platform, coaches can find all the services and tools they need to consolidate the workflow, manage their offerings, communication with their clients, sessions, and payments. Instead of wasting time dealing with a variety of different tools, coaches can manage all their services and activities on the Profi platform. This allows them to save time and money and focus more on what they love - improving the wellbeing of their clients.

Profi - Plans & prices

Profi offers a variety of plans and prices to meet the needs of all coaches.

Variety of plans and prices to suit the needs of all trainers

The free version includes services like unlimited bookings, automated calendar and scheduling, and payment processing. It’s also important to mention that all the communication on the platform occurs in a private and secure setting. It’s HIPAA-compliant, meaning that it has a secure encrypted chat and video calls built-in.

The enhanced version, for just $55 per month or $561 per year, includes all the services in the free version and features like programs and webinars, packages, memberships, and gift certificates (webinar and group work functionality coming soon). There are also premium versions available for coaching agencies, and free versions for non-profits and mission-driven companies.

The services that we listed here, and many more, are all available in one platform. Profi offers coaches the big advantage of having all the coaching tools they need in one place, so they don’t have to use disconnected tools that require additional spending and time to learn how to use each service. Check out the full list of services and features on Profi and learn more about the benefits that this platform can offer.

Like for many other things in life, there is no one-size-fits all. Some coaches might prefer to use a particular tool that has specific features and functions. In this case, there are a variety of tools that can help coaches manage their calendar and meetings. Here are some of the most popular online coaching tools to connect with clients and schedule sessions.

Calendar & session booking tools


Calendar and session booking tools

Calendly is a calendar booking tool that helps coaches schedule meetings, avoiding the back-and-forth via email. They offer a free plan and premium plans for up to $15 per month. Premium plans include collective scheduling for teams, webinars, and notifications.

Online tool that helps coaches schedule appointments and manage their calendars

Acuitiy scheduling is an online tool that helps coaches schedule appointments and manage their calendars. They offer a free trial and their plans range from $15 per month to $50 per month. Premium plans offer text messaging, memberships, packages, and gift certificates.

Business tool that allows coaches to schedule meetings is a business tool that allows coaches to schedule meetings and manage their meeting schedules and meeting materials. They offer a monthly plan for $12 and a yearly plan for $129 which include scheduling tools, integrations, and meeting reminders.

Video conferencing & chat tools Zoom

Video conferencing and chat tools Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows coaches to connect and chat with their clients and organize video conferences and webinars. They have a free plan, and plans for small, medium, and big companies starting at $14.99 per month that allow for up to 1,000 people to participate in a meeting.


Free online tools, that offer free online calls and messaging

There are free online tools, like Skype, that offer free online calls and messaging and affordable international calls. Skype is a free service, but there is a version specifically designed for business, which allows coaches to host large meetings with up to 250 people and integrate with Office apps. The cost is $2 per month.

Google Meet

Discover the best coaching tools for your online practice management.

Other free tools, like Google Meet, allow coaches to organize video meetings and conferences. Google Meet is a free service, but the business version that allows coaches to host meetings with up to 50 people costs $12 per month, for up to 100 the price is $25 per month.

Payment & billing tools


The most popular payment instrument

Among free tools, PayPal is one of the most used because it’s an easy and secure way to process payments. With PayPal, clients can send money to accounts all over the world in minutes. PayPal doesn’t require a monthly or yearly payment, but it does apply fees to transactions plus a fixed fee based on the currency. Fees start at 2.9% for transactions occurring in the United States.


Stripe software platform

Stripe is a software platform that allows coaches to process payments. They have flexible plans to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. There are no setup fees or monthly/yearly fees, but Stripe charges a fee starting at 2.9% for every successful card charge. They offer customizable plans with discounts to businesses.

Coaching assessment tools

Coaching assessment tools are very useful because they allow coaches to monitor the progress of their clients. Coaching tools like quizzes, for example, can also offer a fun and entertaining way to strengthen the professional relationship between coach and client and clarify the goals that they want to achieve working together.


Journaling offers it’s a great coaching tool for goal setting

Many coaches ask their clients to journal to follow their progress closely. Journaling offers many benefits to clients as well, and it’s a great coaching tool for goal setting. Journaling improves mental health, enhances productivity, reduces stress reduction, and provides clarity. There are websites, like CleverMemo and Coaching Kit, where coaches can find journaling templates.


Mini-courses to promote their services

A coaching course is a great way to reach many people at the same time and diversify the offering. Coaches can use free mini-courses to promote their services, or they can create more comprehensive courses and charge clients to access their tips and wisdom. There are many platforms that allow coaches to create and sell online courses; popular brands include Thinkific, LearnWords, and Teachable.


Quizzes are excellent health

Quizzes are excellent health and wellness coaching tools to give clients and coaches a better idea of the progress they’re making. Coaches can create their own quizzes or look for pre-made templates. Common coaching quizzes include motivation quizzes, self-care quizzes, and life satisfaction quizzes. The Coaching Tools Company offers a variety of templates to help coaches create quizzes.

As we have seen, coaches can use a variety of coaching tools. Unfortunately, these platforms are not connected and coaches need to spend a lot of time familiarizing themselves with each service and pay different fees.

Profi offers coaches all these tools in one place, and it also offers integrations with popular platforms like Zoom and PayPal, if coaches already have accounts with these services and prefer to use them.

Having all these health and wellness coaching tools in one platform allows coaches to save time and money. Profi wants to provide coaches with all the tools they need and help them manage their businesses using technology and innovative and sustainable strategies.

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