Coaching and consulting as an additional revenue stream for a personalized pet health company

Profi client Basepaws is a market disruptor in the pet space and a pioneer in feline genetics that helps pets live longer, happier, and healthier lives through extensive genetic testing, ever-growing genomic database, and innovative lab reporting.

Basepaws services thousands of clients across 75 countries–impacting the lives of humans and cats. Profi allows the organization to pilot its coaching arm in one brandable place with no money spent on IT - resulting in efficiency gains and additional revenue stream.

Basepaws is a pet genetics company that has developed the first consumer genetics test for cats. With a mission to improve and extend the lives of pets everywhere and help foster stronger bonds between humans and their pets, they wanted to pilot a personalized solution that would allow them to interact directly with cat parents.

As Kristin Wuhrman, VP of Business Development at Basepaws explains:

“We wanted to explore a subscription business to leverage our health data and growing customer base. A solution that provided a centralized location for trustworthy information regarding cat health and behavior needs through personal attention.”

Basepaws decided to pilot a coaching service to their client base to guide them through education and challenges via 1:1 video consults, private messaging, journaling logs and forms overview, and e-courses and programs, all in one portal under Basepaws brand.

Despite the deceptively simple statement, the scale of the challenge involved in realizing that goal was vast. It was clear that the coaching offering needed to be modern, intuitive and strengthen the organization to meet the needs of the truly global business - but this presented big challenges.

As the need to create coaching and consulting offers took shape, there were two goals that our team got focused on.

The first was enabling the Basepaws team to roll out the coaching and consulting offering in the most efficient way. They had to decide whether they can accomplish the goal with the tools they could assemble together or hire a development team to develop the solution themselves.

The second was introducing the offering to the company’s customers.

Basepaws’ customers and partners - pet parents, veterinarians, researchers, and so on - are embracing digital IT services in their work and brand interaction, and their partners and “customers” are becoming more and more digitally savvy and have high expectations from a modern brand.

As Kristin puts it,

"Profi optimizes and complements existing infrastructure with a new channel for customer satisfaction and retention improvement, content delivery, and revenue growth."

The IT team realized they needed a solution that would add a new dimension and value to their core business and existing customer base without building out the system from scratch and wasting 2 years in development and $500k+ in expenses.

“Given our rapidly growing business and the critical nature of what we deliver to our customers, we couldn’t simply start a tech company in order to be able to facilitate the coaching offering development, execution, and sales,” says Kristin.

“We needed a solution that would be modern, turn-key and would complement our existing landscape and unlock greater customer service, innovation, accessibility, and integration. We needed a solution that would make us focus on delivering help to our customers rather than our tech enablement. At the same time, we wanted to provide our customers with a branded modern portal where they can access all of their offerings - coaching programs, secure messaging, notes, journaling logs, forms and quizzes, e-content and blogs. And all of it to be easily manageable by our non-tech savvy team and coaches. With Profi, we were able to save money and launch our additional business offering within a short period of time. We customized the platform to fit into our service operations seamlessly,"

concludes Kristin.

Profi is an easy but powerful one-stop-shop platform to make it easy for you to bring your business fully digital. Much more than just a secure video channel, it automates your billing, scheduling, follow up, and even allows you to expand your classes by offering e-courses, “homework” routines to practice, self-assessments, and more!



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