Raj Roy

Raj Roy

The founder of Love is Limitless

After 30+ years in the corporate world, Raj realized that his job, title, and employer didn’t define him, and that something was missing in his life. He embarked on a journey of self-discovery and learned to observe his thoughts, connect with his spirit, and discover his purpose. This led to the creation of Love is Limitless, a platform for people to share their stories and inspire others. All it needs now is your story to be told.

[00:20] Dave Ibis: All right. So, thank you for joining the Profi Customer Spotlight. You know, Raj, when I thought about starting this podcast, webinar, or whatever we're calling it, you're the first person that I thought of to join us on our inaugural ones. So, thank you for joining us. Why don't you give a quick introduction of who you are and what you do in the world these days?

[00:46] Raj Roy: Well, thank you, Dave. I'm Raj Roy, the founder of Love is Limitless, a coaching platform that provides a stage for individuals to share their unique stories and journeys. We believe that every individual's voice is important and that learning from each other's journeys can help us all grow. Our goal is to create what we refer to as “communities for unity” and to differentiate ourselves from other platforms that foster division by building a platform that promotes a love consciousness mentality. So, all we do is magnify the energies rather than try to tear people down. We magnify intentions; we magnify the unity consciousness. So, we're really excited to be on this platform and to grow this consciousness around the world.

[02:43] Dave Ibis: That's an amazing goal and concept that you all have, but you haven't always done this. Give us a little bit of background on what led you up to creating Love is Limitless and starting this really exciting endeavor.

[02:59]: Raj Roy: Yeah, thank you. You're right, I haven't always done this. My career has been in the technology field. I've been in the IT world for more than three decades, doing a lot of work around data analytics, data science, data management, and so forth. I spent about 30 years in corporate America working with some fortune 500 companies, managing a lot of their data assets. And what really happened is that the combined stress of working in a corporate environment over three decades led to a health condition and I had what some might call a near death experience, and that caused me to change. I changed my diet, I stopped smoking, I changed the way that I lived my life, and that led me on a journey of self discovery. Then I had a second health challenge where I nearly died, and that led me to my current journey of finding my purpose: to create a technology platform that enables people to tell their unique stories, because I think telling your story after you're dead is a bit late. I would love to hear people's stories while they're alive, so they can tell it in their own voice.

Dave Ibis: Yeah, that's so amazing. What were the main takeaways that you had from that? Obviously, you decided to chuck everything else, create this new platform, and really try to hear more people's stories. But what were those main takeaways of coming so close to the end-of-life experience?

[04:47] Raj Roy: There were a few fundamental takeaways: The first thing I recognized was that fear is an illusion. There is no such thing as fear. In fact, it's an acronym that stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. And what is the thing that everybody's afraid of? They're afraid of death. And when you realize that death is not the end, you don't have a fear of it anymore. So, it was just an understanding that we live in a world of fear and that fear is an illusion, therefore, we live in a world of illusion. So, how do you recognize illusion? How do you navigate in this world of illusion, while seeking the truth about who you are, your place in this world, your place in this universe? 

The second one is that if I can go through this experience, others can too. Ideally, they won't have to reach a near-death situation to have this spiritual experience of self-discovery. So how do we enable people to connect with their identity without going through painful experiences? By fostering community and encouraging conversations about our purpose, existence, and more, beyond just our names and titles. Our goal is to address these questions through this platform.

[07:20] Dave Ibis: Yeah, that’s so inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Do you consider yourself a coach, a practitioner, or a guru? What do you call yourself?

[07:34] Raj Roy: Well, I don't believe in titles; I see myself as a guide. I have a wealth of life experience, and if someone is facing challenges and resonates with my journey of overcoming them, I offer a coaching software platform for us to connect and have a conversation. I can help people implement the tools that helped me overcome my own challenges. So, I see myself more as a guide, an ambassador of what is possible, rather than a coach or practitioner. These words carry certain connotations. I look at it from an energetic perspective: I have a certain experience, and that experience has a frequency. If that frequency resonates with you, we have a shared platform to discuss how I can help you overcome your challenges.

[08:41] Dave Ibis: I love that. So, if I'm an individual who loves what you're saying, I'm interested in what you're doing, and want you to be that guide for me, walk me through what that looks like at Love is Limitless. What does it look like to engage with you or with Love is Limitless?

[09:19] Raj Roy: It starts with setting up an appointment for a conversation, getting to know a bit about you, just like you're doing here in this webinar. Just to understand your background and what you aim to achieve. Then we'll formulate a plan and determine your goals. You saw something in me that led you to learn more, so what can I help you achieve? Is it a specific goal such as weight loss or a career advancement, or buying a house? Firstly, I need to understand what you want. Secondly, I need to find out why you find the goal challenging. Sometimes, we perceive obstacles as insurmountable, but it may just be an illusion. To assist you on your journey, I need to understand this illusion and formulate a plan, giving you the necessary tools to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. It's a methodical journey that typically begins with conversations, determining your destination, creating a roadmap, and discussing tools to overcome challenges along the way.

[11:02] Dave Ibis: Yeah, that sounds amazing. So, it's really like a customizable program to the individual. You probably have some overlap, but it's really dependent on the individual that you're coaching and understanding their goals at the forefront so you know exactly how to see them through.

[11:23] Raj Roy: Yeah, so we have a variety of things. We do have some programs like I'm a Certified Ho'oponopono practitioner, so I can have a class or group sessions with people to do Ho'oponopono and teach that from a generalized perspective. 

[11:41] Dave Ibis: For listeners that don’t know, can you explain Ho'oponopono?

[11:46] Raj Roy: Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice with a long history of resolving conflicts within communities. In the 1970s, there was a lady by the name of Mona Simone Aya who simplified the art of forgiveness. In essence, you’re forgiving the energy causing strife within relationships and within oneself. Most of our processing of information and memories–both positive and negative–are stored in the subconscious mind, and it becomes impossible for us in our conscious mind, to be able to identify all those things that's preventing us from achieving our goals. The Ho'oponopono process involves connecting with one's inner self and asking the divine to transmute the energies that are no longer useful. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, so this means asking the universe to transmute the energy that is no longer of use to you for someone else to use. It's like giving away clothes you no longer use to charity. In that way, you clear yourself of all the energy that is preventing you from achieving your goals, and you get to achieve your goals in a much more seamless, fluid fashion. That really is the essence of Ho'oponopono.

[13:54] Dave Ibis: I love it, and I'm ready to do some Ho'oponopono.

[14:00] Raj Roy: No problem, just reach out to me. It's loveislimitless.org and I'd be happy to sit down and work on it with you.

[14:06] Dave Ibis: Awesome. So, you and I met on a training webinar that I was doing for Profi prospects and clients, helping answer some questions here and there. I'd be interested to know what your journey was, not only finding Profi, but also just finding the right platform for you to host this amazing service you're providing to the world.

[14:44] Raj Roy: Well, thank you. Yeah, it's been an interesting platform. As mentioned, my background is in IT and the corporate world. Many times I was asked to research software for an organization, be it for master data management or data governance. Over the past 30 years, I've developed expertise in evaluating companies, programs, and software to meet a set of requirements. Our goal was to create a stage that could reach the world, so we needed to find a partner. 

After researching many platform companies, including your competitors, I signed up for their trials and tested their ability to ramp up and create a service as somebody that just got onto the platform. For some, I was not able to do it within the trial period, and a lot failed to meet my requirements. So, I meditated on finding the right company and, a week later, found Profi. Within a matter of days of creating an account, I was able to create a real offering that I could give to myself and a real offering that I could give to my clients. Now, I would have to say that I'm probably a bit more advanced than your average person when it comes to technology. But my partner, who is not technologically inclined, was also able to make a service offering within the trial period. 

What impressed me most about Profi was not only its functionality and feature set, but the people behind it. They provided white-glove service and helped us quickly integrate into a team environment. We migrated from the entry to the highest enterprise level and are expanding our number of practitioners. I appreciate being able to provide feedback and see it rapidly incorporated into the roadmap. The technology, feature set, and people behind Profi make it a powerful platform. I believe the people behind the scenes at Profi truly have the customers’ best interest in mind.

[19:39] Dave Ibis: Thank you, I appreciate that. It really has been such a fun journey because I remember being on that webinar when you signed up for a trial account and had a few questions. I think we met immediately after that and chatted through some additional questions that you had. From then on, it's been an exciting journey to see you go from a solo trial to expanding with your partner and a team environment, and eventually reaching a network enterprise account where you can fully configure and realize the full potential of the system. It's been so fun to watch you do that and help you along the way. 

I have a question regarding what you discussed earlier, something that may be beneficial for listeners. Can you share any best practices for finding software, scouring the internet, building requirements, and avoiding red flags? People often struggle to ask the right questions. If you have any best practices for finding the right platform, I think it'd be great to share.

[21:11] Raj Roy: Yeah, fantastic question. You know, I think it all starts with really sitting down and understanding what you want to build. Who's your audience? How do you want to reach them? What services do you want to offer? Start small, find your niche, and knock it out of the park first. The features that Profi offer range from one-on-one sessions, to group sessions, to packages, and programs. Pick one and focus on it. For example, I love doing group sessions. I have a class every Wednesday called "Tool Time'' where we discuss all kinds of different tools that you can use as you go on your journey. I do that every single week at 7 PM Eastern. Then I started adding more classes, one-on-one packages, and a 12-week program for Ho'oponopono. Zero in on what you want, start small, and grow it out. You really want to pay attention to your audience, services, and price points. 

Once you have that locked in, look for a platform. Expand your view and think three years down the road. How many clients do you want? How global or localized do you want your offerings to be? Answering these questions will tell you what you should expect from a platform. Watch out for red flags like companies that promise anything, a five-year contract, or not being able to talk to a human being about your needs. There's a difference between somebody who is confident in their capabilities and a marketing spiel that just wants to get you in the door and get that monthly billable rate going. Figure out what you want and connect with the people behind the platform. That's my advice.

[25:33] Dave Ibis: Great advice. Absolutely. I think you and I have been on the same frequency for a long time and I describe it as a crawl, walk, run approach when talking to prospects or clients. It's important to start with the bare minimum and ensure the platform can handle it, but you don't want to stop there. You want room to grow and walk, then run. I often talk to prospects or clients about the initial steps needed for a business to run efficiently and their aspirations for the future. I think it's a perfect segue into talking about your aspirations and goals for the future of Love is Limitless and where you see the organization in the next next year, two years, three years down the road?

[27:01] Raj Roy: Sure. We are in the early stages of growth for our wellness coaching software, following the crawl, walk, run philosophy. Although we've expanded our services and have a few practitioners and a small number of clients, our real launch has yet to come. We use a unique approach and terminology. Our service offerings are subscribed through the Profi company. We see people as Guests, those who come to the site but have not subscribed to a product yet. Those who have subscribed we call Members, meaning they have signed up for one or more products and participate more frequently in the conversations. And who we currently call Ambassadors, will eventually be Facilitators, Guides, Practitioners, and Coaches. 

[28:00] Dave Ibis: Sure.

[28:01] Raj Roy: And then we have, we call them at this point ambassadors but they are the facilitators they are the guide if like practitioners and coaches we call them in the future. Our goals for 2023 are to have 5000 Guests, 1000 Members, and a ratio between Guests and Practitioners that ensures a profitable business for the practitioners without competition. We want to make sure there is an abundant supply of Guests and Members for the practitioners to make really good, profitable businesses of their own without needing to cannibalize from someone else. We want to provide a tremendous amount of free content for Guests to consume and participate in the communities for unity. So this year, we aim to have 5000 Guests, 1000 Members, and 100 or fewer Practitioners. Our goals will continue to grow exponentially with a target of 30,000 Guests, 5000 to 10,000 Members, and 150 to 200 Practitioners the following year. Our ultimate goal is to build a platform based on love and unity with billions of users worldwide, 24/7 programming, and tens of thousands of Practitioners. We aim to achieve this within a very short period of time, let's say the next 10 years.

[30:22] Dave Ibis: Yeah, I love your positivity. It's so infectious. I just love the goals you’ve set forth and have been talking about for quite some time. We’re so excited to partner with you on that and help you hit those goals. Could you explain how you see Profi fitting into those goals and how you see our platform helping you achieve those large scale goals that you have?

[31:01] Raj Roy: That’s a great question. If somebody were to look at our relationship, they would see it as a customer-business relationship; Profi is the business and Love is Limitless is the customer. I don’t see it that way. I see it as us being a partnership. There is a financial transaction that has to exist, but I see this as a partnership. I see Profi as the technology enablement arm of Love is Limitless. That’s actually how I view it–as a symbiotic relationship. 

So, my vision for the way that we’re going to be working together is very much an expansion of the way we’ve been working together so far: open dialogue and having exchanges back and forth. I’d love to be able to provide suggestions (as I have been) for things I’d like to see and I am completely confident that they're going to be assimilated into your roadmap. I can certainly see that to be a seamless enterprise where it flows into the roadmap that you all are creating and working on. It’s a symbiotic relationship between my ideas and Profi realizing them. So, I see the platform growing; I understand the technology and the power behind Profi, and I know the scalability of the architecture you have. So, understanding that, I have full confidence that it wouldn’t matter how many users I bring on; you will be able to support them. The partnership between us and Profi enables us to succeed on this venture.

[33:03] Dave Ibis: You said it perfectly. I think we typically talk about our “clients” as partners. My role in the organization is to work in between Sales and Product so I can have those conversations with prospects, clients, and our partners to understand the market and needs in order to bring those back to the product. We’re only successful as our clients, so we’re really so laser-focused on making sure that our clients are happy, successful, and have the tools they need to experience that exponential growth you hope to achieve in 2023 and 2024. So, thank you so much for saying all of that. It's exactly what we are striving to do. 

To wrap it up, Raj, I would like to thank you for your time, thank you for being our client, and thank you for going through this whole journey with us. It’s been super fun. I think we’re just beginning. If you have anything to plug or anything you want to push for people out, I think this is a great time to do that.

[34:40] Raj Roy: Yeah, absolutely! If people want to check out our website, we can be found at the https://www.loveislimitless.org/. We are just starting out, but we’d love people to come, take a look, and provide some input on how we can improve our site. 

But what I would really like to emphasize in closing is the people behind Profi. I have had the privilege of talking to a lot of different people in Sales, Marketing, our Customer Success manager (I can’t say enough about Andrew, he is tremendous!). It’s really the power of people. Everybody along the chain, all the way up to your CEO, proves–not just by words, but through deeds and action–that it’s not just a customer, it’s really a partner. I think that is really the differentiator for me. When I was looking at these different platforms, that was the thing that stood out. I was able to connect with people and we’re able to connect on a level that is mutually beneficial. I think that is the power that I hope your other customers are also able to appreciate. 

If you ever need anybody to come in and help with any of your potential customers, I’m more than happy to do so because my experience on Profi has been second to none. It’s been better than anything else I ever experienced while building a platform. I used to work for a competing platform as a Platform Admin, so I really do have something concrete to compare it to. Hands down, my experience at Profi has been a lot more effective, easy, and certainly has been beneficial for my business. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there and I look forward to growing with you in partnership. 

[36:49] Dave Ibis: Well said. Thank you so much for your time, all of your insights, and everything you’ve been doing in the world to reduce fear and increase love. I think what you’re doing is important work and we’re forever grateful and excited to be on that journey with you.

[37:12] Raj Roy: Thank you.

[37:15] Dave Ibis: Thank you very much.

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