Certifications are just the beginning. Unlock a path forward for your graduates and a new revenue stream for you.

With Profi, you can amplify your student experience and results, as well as provide a clear career path forward for your fresh graduates, as part of your network. This opens up a new unique stream of revenue for your business.

  • Training
    Provide all the training resources and a blended learning experience for your students in Profi.
  • Coaching
    With Profi’s customizable Programs, you can offer 1:1 and group coaching sessions to students.
  • Practicum
    Your students can easily practice their new skills with clients. You get full visibility into their progress.
Career launch
Your fresh graduates can start their career using the same familiar Profi platform (as part of your network).





Why Profi for your business, students and graduates?

1.  Amplify your Students Experience
and Results with a Unified Coaching Platform

Profi's intuitive all-in-one platform makes it easy for your students to book and host 1:1 and group sessions with clients. You and your instructors get full visibility into students’ reports and activities helping them successfully navigate towards graduation (and beyond).

Scheduling & Calendar

Students effortlesslty organize bookings and stay updated with handy reminders with Profi's intuitive calendar.

Video Conferencing & Recordings

Students conduct seamless, HIPAA-compliant coaching sessions and record them for future reference.

Coach Profiles

Students showcase their expertise with a professional looking profile.

Instructor visibility

Students can easily share notes and other activities with instructors.

Reporting on Progress

Track students’ coaching hours, analyze and boost their performance.

2. Get a New Revenue Stream and Scale your Business with a Solution for your Graduates

After graduation, students can continue using the platform and start their career with their own brand as part of your network. And you will unlock a new revenue stream for your business via subscriptions and revenue share option.

Subscription access

Offer subscription access for coaches after graduation creating a new steady stream of revenue for your business.

Revenue share option

Open up a new revenue stream without investing upfront. Let’s discuss the best revenue share options for you.

Advanced Security & Reporting

Ensure your data is secure with Profi's advanced security features and gain insights with detailed reporting.

Custom branding and platform domain

Establish your brand with a custom domain for your dedicated coaching platform.

Private Directory of students and graduates

List all your students or new graduates and their profiles on a directory page for clients to easily choose from.

Michael Kearns
Executive Director, Operations at International Nurse Coach Association

Profi has been a game-changer for our Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program students and graduates. With their platform, we were able to consolidate disparate systems, streamline our certification program, and significantly amplify the client experience. The feedback from our first few cohorts has been great, and we can now offer graduating students a clear path forward into a new career or a means to generate supplemental income. We couldn’t have done it without Profi and their very supportive team!

Scale your Certification Business with Profi's Practicum & Beyond Solution

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