We deliver a holistic, intuitive and robust platform for the entire service delivery process, so you can focus on maximizing your impact.

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Why companies like yours choose Profi

  • Deliver your services in one modern platform

    • Individual/group video calls, workshops & interviews

    • Consolidating clients’ information

    • Online invoicing and payments

    • Payments in installments for packages and programs

    • Creating documents and forms

    • Getting e-signatures in real time - Integration with Google and Outlook calendars to share availability with clients

  • Impress clients with smooth and professional experience

    • Easy and convenient client dashboards

    • Creating curriculum, assignments, tasks

    • Sharing notes & plans

    • Forms and quizzes that can be attached to sessions and programs or sent manually at any point in time

  • Easily collaborate and manage a team of coaches

    • Collaborative workspace

    • Tracking & sharing client progress

    • Team analytics

    • Team schedule

    • Centralized billing

    • Roles & access permissions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Profi a good fit for my coaching business?

Yes! Any coaching company is a great match with the Profi software platform. It’s easy to use, has a great support team and will help you not only manage your current business, but also grow it to the next stage.

How exactly can I scale with Profi?

Profi is designed specifically for teams of coaches and it will be easy to add more people to your team once your business is ready for it. If you’ll have any questions our team will thoroughly guide you through the steps of adding more seats and how you can benefit from it.

What types of coaching companies would benefit the most out of using Profi?

Profi platform is ideal for any type of coaches and coaching companies - Health and Wellness, Executive & Leadership, Life, Career, Business Management, etc.

Why should I choose Profi instead of other tools?

When you start your business or think of scaling whatever you have already built it always comes to the point of deeper understanding of many other things other than your actual coaching work such as website building, tools for accounting, video conferencing, scheduling, etc. You might end up using up to 15 different tools, which you need to connect to each other and that alone is a highly stressful activity. On top of that, imagine how much time you will need to understand all of them and keep juggling between them without getting lost. 

Profi saves you time and sanity by providing an all-in-one tool that allows you to keep everything in one place. Getting started is easy too! Profi team is always here to help and create a roadmap of your success. Plus we’ve got videos and other resources to support you in using our platform.

Focus on your clients and your passion! And Profi will focus on the rest!

Last, but not least is customer support that can help you set up your account or migrate from another platform. At Profi our team offers ongoing support, as well as runs Q&A webinars every week. Corporate clients get a dedicated success person, who helps guide you through the implementation phase and beyond. 

I have just 2 coaches in my company now. Is Profi good for me?

Absolutely! Profi’s is good for solopreneurs, but it was specifically designed for small and big teams of coaches. Here is one option for the steps you can follow: 

1. Sign up for a 30-day FREE Team Trial account

2. Book a training with your dedicated Profi product coach

3. Test client experience:

    3.1. Add your first client (you can add yourself to test)

     3.2. Create your first service (1:1 or group session, package, program)

     3.3. Schedule and host your first free or paid session with a client.

4. Collaborate with your team:

    4.1. Invite your team members and assign them to manage clients and host shared services.

5. Withdraw earned revenue and celebrate with your team!


Click below to book a session with our Product Advisor to learn more about Profi.

How much does this amazing software solution cost?

For a team of coaches Profi starts at $99 per seat a month. Once your client base grows or you feel that you need more functionality you can shift to other plans, which the Profi team can guide you through to get the best results for your business. Book a demo button

I have a team of coaches. How can Profi support my business?

Managing people is tough. You need to set up goals and tasks for your team, track their progress and analyze the performance. Profi can help you with all of that. Here is what you are getting with the Profi Team plan:

  • Collaborative workspace: share info about services delivery, co-manage and work with clients together with your teammates 
  • Co-manage clients: assign teammates to your clients to share client info, notes, and progress.
  • Shared service delivery: assign team members to services to teach and sell courses together, run group client sessions and more.
  • Centralized Calendar and Scheduling: view your entire team calendar and all client meetings at a glance.
  • Centralized Billing: receive client payments generated by your team services to a centralized account and withdraw available balance to Stripe or Paypal at any time.⁤
  • Revenue & Service Delivery Analytics: track revenue and services you've delivered to your clients on a monthly basis. Admins can additionally analyze performance per team member.
  • Roles and Access permissions: Control your team members' access, permissions and billing status.⁤